Target - Upset Target Customer

Posted on Saturday, November 27th, 2010 at 6:36pm CST by 254e5358

Company: Target

Location: 15901 Ford Rd.
Dearborn, Mi, 48126, US

Category: Other

I travelled from Chatham, Ontario to Detroit at midnight Black Frday morning and stood in line outside at the Target store in the freezing cold waiting for over 4 hours for the store to open for their Black Friday specials. I was there to purchase a 40" Westinghouse LCD HDTV for $298. When the doors opened, everybody ran in like a bat outta hell straight for the Tv's. I have no problem waiting my turn but with all the pushing, grabbing, yelling and screaming, I did not get what I was patiently waiting for. My problem is, everyone that did get the Tv's were the ones in lne behind me. Most of them got there minutes before it opened. Target should have given the people that were waiting first outside in line tickets so they were guarenteed to get what they were waiting outside for instead of just opening up their doors and giving everybody a free for all. I am terrible disappointed and pretty pissed off at the way Target handled their Black Friday sale. Apparently, they really don't care about their loyal customers and not only did I not get what I drove 1 1/2 hrs for, I had to go elsewhere and spend double the price and woke up the next day with a terrible cold. I was 10th in line and it was 1 per person and they had 40 in stock. I'm hoping Target will read this and show some customer service and do something for me as I am an unsatisfied customer


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