Walmart - Walmart Black Friday Scams

Posted on Friday, November 26th, 2010 at 5:42pm CST by 4bd12341

Product: Acer $198 Laptop

Company: Walmart

Location: 1575 W. Pacheco Blvd
Los Banos, CA, 93635, US


Category: Other

We arrived at Wal-Mart at 6:00 PM to get in line for all of the supposedly great sales. We were # 8 to go thru the door. Doors opened at 12:00 AM, you went to the perspective station where you wanted to buy your merchandise, you were asked how many, and given a slip of paper with the quantity of merchandise you wanted and told to stand in that line for another two hours so that you could get a wristband for merchandise.

My husband and I were #1 in the $198 Laptop group. We asked for 3 laptops (you were allowed to buy up to 6). At that time my husband asked how many laptops were available for sale and he was told 97. After people were in line the employee gave a spiel about what was to transpire. We were told that we had to stay in line the whole tow hours or you forfeit your merchandise, you were guaranteed that if you came back between 5-6 AM that you would receive your merchandise. If you did not show up by 6:00 your merchandise would also be forfeited. After you receive your wristband at 2:00 pm. you were free to roam the store or leave and come back to get your merchandise. We did some shopping at Wal-Mart and at approximately 5:15 AM we decided to go and pick up our $198 laptops. When we got to the area and showed our wristband we were told that they were all gone.

Needless to say I was very upset and asked an assistant manger what was going on. We were told we were guaranteed a laptop when were in line. He informs me that they had made a mistake in the calculations of the laptops and actually there were only 34 available and now they are all gone. I asked him how they could have grossly miscalculated. He curtly told me that he was sorry, and that they had another computer that was $298 if I wanted to purchase that one. I firmly told him no I wanted the one that I was guaranteed. All the time that I was speaking to the assistant manger he never looked me in the eye. Or even at me, but up at the ceiling or had his head turned away from me. As I continued to question him, he avoided my questions completely. Finally I was so infuriated that I asked for his managers name. He informed me that the manger was up front.

I walked up front and found the manager and explained the situation. He gave me the same lame excuse as the assistant manager and curtly told me that I could buy the other computer for $298. I told him the same thing that I told the assistant manager, that I wanted the one that I was supposedly guaranteed for $198.

I informed him that I was not the only one that had not gotten their laptop and didnt he think that was a little frustrating to people who had sat outside their store for up to 11 and 12 hours in the freezing cold to basically and you basically can only say too bad we made a mistake and take the other computer or leave it. At this point I was getting very infuriated with his non-caring demeanor and told him that I thought Wal-Mart should compensate the people for the merchandise they did not receive by giving them the $298 computer in lieu of the $198l laptop, He just grinned and said, I cannot do that, it is not up to me As I continue to tell him how I felt he asked me to step aside and lower my voice so that others would not hear me. I told him I didnt care if other people heard me. I asked to speak with his manager. He then pulled out his business card and told me to call him on Monday and he would take care of the issue. I asked him what guarantee do I have that you will do anything, and he replied because we value our customers here and Im a man of my word. I then told him that I had wristbands for three laptops and he said, Oh, well I can only give you one. I asked why and he said, because Im already doing you a favor by giving you the upgraded one. I said favor, are you kidding me, I came here with the intention of buying three and I will not settle for anything g less. He asked me to lower my voice again, and said, call me on Monday, and please do not tell anyone else about what Im going to do for you. Then he walked away.

I was standing in line to pay for the DS I had purchased and I noticed a few of the folks that were in line with yes for the laptops. I asked them if they had gotten their laptops and they said no. I pointed the manger out to them and told them to go and speak with him.

One person came back to me and said that the manager was willing to drop the price of the $298 laptop (the one he wanted to sell name) by 20% if they would take that with no questions asked. A lot of people followed suit with his deal, but I still think it is the principal of the issue. If you promise the customers merchandise you need to deliver.

Not only were the folks that had wristbands for laptops not getting the laptops, but people that had wristbands for the 50 Plasma TV went home empty handed as well because they said they ran out.

I truly believe this was a scam on Wal-Marts part to get people in the door and then claim they either miscalculated or didnt get the shipment and in actuality really wanted you to upgrade to the higher priced items, as the folks that bought the higher priced laptops when they did not receive the $198 laptops.

I will not fall for this deal and will fight to get those three laptops that I feel are owed to me from Wal-Mart. I have already made calls to the corporate office---and was given the run around from them as well. The corporate office informed me that there will have to be a review of the case and they will let me know the outcome.

The slogan We Value Our Customers means nothing to me. Their slogan should be There is No Value in Wal-Mart.


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