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Posted on Thursday, November 25th, 2010 at 4:45am CST by d723d9a8

Product: SQ1- Check in at Airport Express, Hong Kong

Company: Singapore Airlines

Location: HK

Category: Airlines

Rude Customer Service at the check in at Airport Express, Central, Hong Kong

I felt maybe I was over reacting but I've had a lot of time to get over it, couldn't so here I am just letting someone know what happened.

I went to the Central, check in at the airport express. My husband was taking the 8:05 flight to Singapore. When we approached the counter there was no eye contact with the woman at the desk. She just sat poker faced reading whatever on her computer and asked us to put the luggage on the belt and just sat there. It took a while which is no big deal. I asked her a question, this is while one of her colleagues were taking care of the status and still no eye contact, mumbled the answer, had to ask her twice to actually hear her.

This is not a big deal in itself, majority of us expect nothing amazing from people working with the airlines, the shocking bit was when she greeted the next customer with the loudest most cheerful good morning, after having no response to my husband's thank you.

Since the queue was for coach, I would be forced to say color of our skin would be the only difference between us and the next guy.

The next time I will definitely record any such incident and put it up on youtube.

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ee609dca, 2013-12-04, 07:02PM CST

I had bad experience at Sydney airport with Singapore Airlines as well as I was travelling with my husband and my two kids. I went to the check in counter and the lady sitting there looked at passports for me, my husband and for my son and lastly she looked at my daughter's passport and she thought all needs to have same kind of visa and my daughter got lifetime visa to travel to India so she does not required any sticker on her passport but she hasn't had enough training or what I don't know but she wasn't ready to even listen to me as I was trying to explain to her that she doesn't required sticker as she got the travelling card and she travelled on that car three times before but she thought my daughter require same sticker and also as she got new passport she thought we forgot to get the new visa but she wasn't ready to listen to me that's the issue also she told me that I have to get visa and I can't board the flight and she was about to cancel my flight. Then I stepped in and somehow I manage to get the old passport within 45 minutes from my home and you know what there was no sticker on old passport either and then she realised my daughter doesn't need any sticker and she allowed us to travel. due to all this things my daughter was so stressed as she started crying when we landed in Singapore for the connecting flight as she was so concern as what will happen if the airline refuses her to travel from Singapore to India. not just that she was so scarred as when we ware coming back from India after three week she again started crying so I am here just want an apology from Singapore Airline and from the staff to my 6 years old daughter. And also some compensation which makes my daughter happy and she forget what happened to her at the airport.

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