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Posted on Thursday, November 25th, 2010 at 9:53pm CST by be9b0951

Company: Door to Door Moving and Storage

Location: Orlando, Fl, 32809, US


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Do you know where your belongings go when they leave your driveway? Two years ago I was moving out of Florida, and I needed to put just about everything I owned in storage. I wanted to go with a company that had a climate controlled facility, and since Im alone, I also wanted to have the ability to have the units shipped when I got settled in. I looked into Door to Door Moving & Storage and was told their facility was a environmentally controlled facility. I have six of their units in storage. Every picture I own, items that had been given to me that had belonged to my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Everything that I couldnt fit in my van when I moved is in their units, six of them.

I recently went to Florida and decided to get a few of my belongings out of storage that I wanted to take back to the state I live in now. Door to Door charges $100 to deliver 5 of my moving units locally, so I decided I would instead go to the facility where the units are stored to get my belongings. What a surprise to find out that all of my belongings in storage with them, all six units, for the last two years, have been kept in a warehouse in Florida, that has no Air Conditioning and no ventilation. It was about 120 degrees in the warehouse. This was basically a concrete block building with a metal roof. It was so hot that I couldnt stay to finish looking for the few things I wanted. I left the facility and called Door to Doors toll free number. While on hold I listened to the recording state climate controlled over and over. When the operator answered I asked if their facilities were climate controlled and she stated they were, so I asked why my six units have been sitting in a warehouse for two years in Florida at 120 degrees, in the hot and humid Florida weather. I was then transferred to a manager who stated that environmentally controlled, and climate controlled are lose terms in the industry and the fact that my six units are not sitting in the rain, they are in a building with four walls in a roof, technically makes them in an environmentally controlled facility. I told the manager that what they are doing is false advertising and all he could say, over and over, was, Im sorry you feel that way. I have six units stored with them at $55 a month per unit ($330 per month), for the last two years. You do the math. Ive paid this company to damage my belongings, and all this manager can say is environmentally controlled and climate controlled are lose terms and Im sorry you feel that way.

Think twice before you use this company. I could have put my items in a regular storage facility, stored in the same conditions they are being stored in now, for 1/3rd the cost of what I have paid Door to Door Moving and Storage.


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