Barnette's Remanufactured Engines - Barnette's engine rebuild ripoff

Posted on Thursday, November 25th, 2010 at 7:33pm CST by b556e653

Product: truck engine-long block

Company: Barnette's Remanufactured Engines

Location: 1332 Truxton Street

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Engine had a bad valve on the driver side when it arrived from them. Then the head gasket on the left side failed after 100 miles. Their workmanship is poor and they don't honor their work, word, or the warranty. They don't want to talk after the sale. I do not recommend them.


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66c4ca42, 2011-02-20, 08:08AM CST

Beware of Barnette engines. Warranty seems to always be blame installer, then claim no fault, so customer pays more money. They do not stand behind their products or have any kind of certified technical staff on hand. They are either in way over their heads with all the new OHC motors they are trying to build or just rip off artists. Maybe both? There are a lot of better places to get your engine from.

d06c47a1, 2012-03-06, 07:22AM CST

Head Gaskets failed in less than 1,000 miles. Engine overheated due to sudden coolant loss and the Heat Tabs Barnette's installed melted immediately. They refused to make good on the 5 year warranty they advertise with the rebuild because of these melted heat tabs, their way out. This happened due to a poor fit between the block and heads. Barnette's do not perform a running test on their engines before they send them out so they have no way of knowing the condition of these engines.


Chuck C., 2012-12-03, 03:52PM CST

I purchased an engine from Barnettes in Aug of 2010. Almost immediately after installation it began making an intermittent rattling noise. It would on occasion get so loud that people thought I had a diesel engine in it. But the noise would come and go, and Barnettes told me that unless I was sure it was thier engine they weren't responsible. I did take it back to the installer, but it was intermittent and they could not duplicate it. I drove the car for a little over a year with the intermittent noise. In 2011 and with just over 15000 miles on it the engine began overheating. My mechanic changed a thermostat. It overheated again the next week. I changed the radiator cap and it would still overheat. I called Barnettes and told them about the overheating problem and reiterated teh noise problem. Joyce (I think she is the lady that runs interference for Mr. Barnett) decided that she was a better mechanic than mt mechanic and said she would send me another new thermostat. When that thermostat didn't arrive after a couple of weeks, I bought another thermostat. The car would still overheat after about 18 to 20 miles, and the way it would ovewrheat was always the same. The car would be running normally with the temp in the normal range and then at the 18 to 20 mile from home mark the temp would climb suddenly just like the thermostat had slammed shut. I caslled Barnetts again and Joyce apologized and said she didn't understand why the thermostat didn't make it but that she would send another one. While I was waiting I was told by a mechanic to remove the thermostat and drill a small hole in it. Saying if it quit overheating it would indicate a leak in the head or in the head gasket. I did, and it quit overheating. The the thermostat that Barnetts sent arived. I took it to my mechanic (the same mechanic that installed the engine) and they put in the Barnett thermostat, changed teh radiator, put on a new water pump (oh did I mention that when they installed the engine I had a new water pumop, a new heater core, and all new belts and hoses installed) and it still would overheat at about the 20 mile mark. They had the car for a month or two and could never figure out the problem. SO after spending another 500 bucks I still had an engine that made an occasional rattling noise and would overheat unless the thermostat had a small hole in it. So I did the only thing I could do. I drove it with the small hole in the thermostat. About 6 months later it quit running. It would turn over rapidly like there was no compression. I called Barnettes and they said to take it to a mechanic, and that they would pay up to an hour labor for troubleshooting. I took it to a different mechanic this time, they removed the valve cover and found a broken timing chain. The timing chain guid had broken off, jammed in the chain, and cuased the chain to break. You could see where the chain had been banging on the guide. SO now I know where the noise was coming from. They called Barnetts and Joyce told them to remove the engine, put it on a pallet and that they would have their shipper come pick it up. I called Joyce to see if she needed anything from me. She said no and that they would take care of it. When I asked how long it would take them, she said a week. I asked her if there were going to be any suprises. She assured me that they would fix it and send it back. A couple of weeks later and when I hadn't heard anything from them, I called them. Joyce said they had just received the engine, but that they would get on it and she'd let me know how long the repair was going to take before the day was over. Several days later I called her. This time she said they were tearing the engine down and would have a parts list soon and that as soon as they did she would call me back with an estimated time for getting the engine back. Another week passes and I call again. Now I'm told that the heat tabs were melted and since the engine overheated they would have to get back to me. After at least a dozen more calls with no real answer, I asked to talk with the owner, but they said he was out sick. I had my wife call later that day and just ask to talk to Mr. Barnett. She was told they were sorry but he had just left for lunch. Then she called back about anhour later and she was told he didn't come back after lunch becuase he wasn't feelin well. I finally got through to him a full three days later. He to kept on making excuses but would never say he wasn't going to fix the engine. He wanted to talk to the installer. then he wanted to talk to the mechanics that took the engine out. I finally pushed him to tell me if they were going to or not going to fix my motor, he told me no. He also said that I had to pay the shipping to get the motor back and that they were not going to pay the mechanics that removed the engine per their instructions. My plan is to file suit against them and if any out there have had similar experiences please contact me. I don't know how people like this sleep at night. DO NOT BUY AN ENGINE FROM BARNETTS! THEY REFUSE TO STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK!!!

Marny S., 2013-03-29, 05:41PM CDT

I have some important information if you are interested in getting the Attorney Generals Office in Virginia involved with your complaint here is what you need to do.. Go to this site and fill out the online complaint form, you can attach pictures but I recommend you wait until your investigator gets in touch with you and then you can email them to him directly. Also you will want to send a hard copy to the investigator and you will want to do return receipt, the investigator only has two complaints, we need more complaints before we can get the Attorney general to take us seriously. Please call me at 989-712-8328 or respond to this message. Thanks Marny Sarra

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