john deere credit corp - Corporate Bullying

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 2:17am CST by bd25d9e3

Product: debt collection

Company: john deere credit corp

Location: 8402 Excelsior Drive, P.O. 5328
Madison, WI, 53705-0328, US

Category: Other

John Deere Credit ordered a repossession of my farm equipment that was unnecessary and inconsiderate, and then charged me, the customer, $1,000 to reclaim the equipment. Their action was not illegal, just illogical and insensitive.

When my income was reduced last year, I contacted all of my creditors asking for lower payments. Of nine credit accounts, John Deere was the ONLY one that refused. I continued to make regular payments, but at a reduced level. The original loan balance of $13,600 was down to $1,400 and would have been paid off before long, when they ordered the repossession, which cost me the additional $1,000 to reverse.

Again, their action was not against the law, but it was counter-productive, in that they now have a very dissatisfied former customer who would have been loyal to them until this happened.

They need to reverse their rigid policies and offer their collection agents more leeway to approach their work with a stronger sense of humanity.

The collection agent's name is Cathy Young.

Signed, R.Sims


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