Bank of America - Bank of America Management Changes

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 9:28pm CST by 2f164f84

Product: Bank of America

Company: Bank of America

Location: San Diego, CA, 92102, US


Category: Other

I called in to get an overdraft charge returned, as I have not had on in an extremely long time. I was told they will no longer be allowing more than 1 PER 12 MONTHS. There has been a management change I was told. I was discussing this topic with Rachel, the Supervisor in Nevada, and she then started making jokes such as " I don't have time to have a general discussion about the weather with you", and then laughs. I never mentioned anything about the weather. She made a joke about my finances. It was very alarming. I recommend people stay clear of Bank of America. For additional confidence in my suggestion, refer to the stock price of the company and what the amount it has declined since the changes have been made, in June. Wells Fargo is a better performing Financial Institution and I will be giving my business to Wells Fargo after this awful experience.


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