Posted on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at 6:41pm CST by 042fc525

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On Nov 14, 2010 I went into the Best Buy store in Salem, NH to purchase a slow cooker. During the purchase, the sales person offered an extended warranty for my slow cooker, which I declined. Then she offered a free 8 magazines issues. I said I did not want to pay for anything except for the slow cooker and I also did not want to have to call and cancel an automatic renewal subscription for a magazine, she replied back, they are free. So I said if they are free than I will take them. I got home and looked at my receipt and realized that I do have to call and cancel the subscription or my credit card would be charged $24.95. I have been trying all day to cancel this magazine subscription both on line and on the phone. I waited as long as 45 minutes on the phone and did not get a hold of someone I can talk to, and I also tried canceling it on line. I keep getting the error the information that I entered is not correct. I called the Best Buy store in Salem, NH where I purchased the item. I spoke to Nick; he mentioned he was a Floor Operator. Nick did not provide any help and pretty much had an attitude right from the beginning of the call. I told him that I was extremely frustrated in what Best Buy has gotten me into. His reply was; well you should of sign up for it. I mentioned to him I didnt really know what I was getting into. Of course he said I swiped my credit card so I must of known. I only agreed to what was on the resister, which was the price of the slow cooker of $19.99.Nick finally tells me after being argumentative, that I can only cancel the magazine subscription after I receive my first magazine. . I do not appreciate Best Buy sharing my credit card information with other companies. I feel that this is poor business on Best Buys behalf. I can see other Best Buy customers going through what I went through and do not realize the charged on their credit card for something they did not really understand.

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d22af9f4, 2010-12-05, 01:59AM CST

Lesson learned. Nothing is free in this life (at least not from a company/retail store). Minimum wagers are encouraged if not pushed by their soft, spineless management to actively upsell and suggest these items. If they do, they get nothing, if they do not, they often times get written up. It's all because some other clown 10 tiers up the ladder made a deal with a distributor or marketing firm, and then suddenly they are eying regional management on these numbers like a hawk.

You don't care? Neither do I. It's a load of bull. But at least now you know.

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