Cebu Pacific - CebuPac's Flight Stewardess - not so nice at all!

Posted on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 3:46am CST by 47cf2f90

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I was on my way back from my short vacation from Korea last November 14 aboard Cebu Pacific Flight 5j195 Incheon/Manila when this happened.

Upon entering the aircraft, I immediately saw how beautiful the faces are of the cabin crew. But, maybe they were tired or bored, it showed that their smiles were a little forced.

The flight was pretty much full with a mix of Filipinos and Koreans and this is a good indication that tourism in the Philippines is doing well.

There was a group of middle-aged Korean gentlemen seated not far away from where I sat at Row 20 and by the time that the cabin crew started serving snacks, they got very excited. They wanted to taste the snacks that were made from the Philippines. The cabin crew, of course, because it's their job, started serving. They tried their best to be patient even as they had some difficulty understanding what the Koreans were saying because no one among the crew knew how to speak Korean. But, in the end, everyone got what they wanted.

As the crew were moving towards the middle part of the plane with their snacks, the Korean guys would approach them to buy some more snacks. At first I was beginning to admire how the cabin crew was handling the situation because it was definitely very trying.

However, as these two members of the crew were heading back towards the back of the plane with their cart, I heard one of the crew clearly say, "Ay naku, dadaan na naman tayo sa mga magugulong yan!" She pretended to be smiling but she was definitely dissing the Korean tourists unmindful that there Filipinos in the plane who were within earshot of what she was saying.

I just thought it was very unprofessional. I know their job may become difficult especially when there are rowdy passengers. However, it still does not justify having to say those words, moreso, when passengers can hear.

They chose that profession so they have to live with its hazards, or, at the very least, handle each situation professionally.


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