Firestone complete auto car - Who do they think they are.

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 2:02pm CDT by 094e65af

Product: Oil change

Company: Firestone complete auto car

Location: 10400 Reading Rd Cincinnati, OH 45241-4816
Cincinnati, Oh, 45241, US


Category: Other

On Friday October 29 2010 I had to be in the Evendale area and thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone. After dropping my son off at my wifes job I switched out vehicles and headed off to get a oil changed thinking I would be back in plenty of time to switch out cars again by 5pm. Earlier this morning I spoke with Wes about getting a oil change appointment, he told me I would not need one come on down I mentioned it would be around 3:30 pm and he said no problem come on down we will take care of it. I am now thinking to myself this location will not even let me schedule a appointment.

I showed up at the Evendale location #019372 at 3:11pm spoke with Wes about the oil change and also asked for a tire rotation and a courtesy check. Wes checked my history and saw that I have been getting High Mileage oil he asked if I would like to stay with that, so far so good. It is now going on 3:42 pm and my jeep is finally being pulled in, I was thinking that I would still be able to get back to her office by 5 pm. Gary told me at 4:05 that it would not be much longer, 4:30 rolls by I stand up and walk towards the shop door to see my Jeep in the air wheels off and no one working on or around it. I see Gary and point at my watch as to say whats the hold up. It's now 4:36 and Gary comes up to cash me out and the Jeep is still not done. While cashing out Gary asked if Wes spoke to me about the recommendations, I told him Wes hasnt spoke to me about anything, and by this time I really did not care I needed to go.

While I am standing in the showroom watching the latest news about mysterious packages coming out of Yemen, I here the oil pump making noise,to my surprise the Tech is adding basic oil in my car that calls for High Mileage I had to open the shop door and explain to him that it the wrong oil, Wes was sitting at the service desk and said nothing. Finally at 4:50 pm my Jeep is being pulled out of the shop and I am on my way. I had to reset my own oil reminder light that was not done by the shop what else did they for get to do. Did they double torque my lugs, I did not hear or see that. I had to wipe to oil off of my tie rod end adjusting sleeve while I was checking out the lower hose leak. Tighten the loose clamp which fixed the leak or spend $273.43 with this location to fix the same problem.

I asked to be given a Courtesy Check and instead I was given a Complete Vehicle Inspection with Tire rotation with out my knowledge or my Authorization. I was given a page of recommendations that no one ever went over with me total of $914.68. What if we were leaving to go on vacation and was about to drive to Myrtle Beach, I have 3 major components that are leaking on my vehicle and this shop failed to inform me of them. The shop is suggesting to replace both upper and lower radiator hoses with new clamps to flush the system out even though most if not all of it has been drained out due to the lower hose coming off. Both the Radiator and upper and lower hoses were replaced on 09/09/09 at a Michel Tires Plus, so why just because of a very very slight leak are they suggesting to do both. I have verified that the items that are said to be leaking are in fact leaking.


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