Comcast - Comcast Does Not Care

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 9:37pm CDT by 7a8b5774

Product: Comcast Telephone

Company: Comcast

Location: Frederick, Ma, 21703, US


Category: Other

My TV was out so I called Comcast and they tell me they will be out Thursday which does not make me happy but what really ticked me off was when I checked a couple of hours later and found out that I now had no phone either. I called up Comcast and told them to get their A$$e$ out to my house at 8:00 the next morning to fix this that I had an 80 year old mother that lived with me that now had no 911 service or phone service. The customer service person was more interested that I swore at her than that my elderly mother would be without 911 service should she have an emergency and after having me attempt to reset the modem informed me that there was nothing that they could do to get out to my house sooner I would have to wait until Thursday two days away. Thanks COMCAST for caring about me being very upset and concerned for my mother and You not caring at all.


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