Columbia Windows - Columbia Thermo-Cell Plastic Window Latches

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 11:38am CDT by ba48cfa1

Product: Thermo-Cell Windows

Company: Columbia Windows

Location: Kansas City, Misourri

Category: Other

The upper window latch is made of plastic and 18 of 26 plastic latches (13 windows total)in my home (built 1997 Olathe, KS) have cracks down the middle thru the screw holes. Recently, a medium wind blew my window open because the upper latches broke in two pieces. The windows are aluminum but the latches are made of weak plastic material. It is also a danger to home security. I called them before I drove there and they said they had them in stock. They did not have them and I have been waiting 2 weeks for them to arrive in the mail. They told me that they would be coming from Iola, KS. When I called them to check why they were not here yet, they didn't acknowledge the sale of the new latches. I was asked to call someone else and that person never returned my voice message.


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