TNT piece of shit

Posted on Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 3:45am CST by 68688d1e

Company: Not Available

Location: AU

Category: Other

Repeatedly called the TNT service hotline, said on the consignment note 7am-7pm daily, over almost a whole week i called well within 9am-5pm to schedule redelivery no one bothered to pick up the phone. Then almost a week had gone I was left a message to call another number instead, which again was very hard to call through. When indeed re-delivery was scheduled, the re-delivery never came. The tracking just stopped at 'Freight in Transit.' 2 days later I called again to be informed that they didn't know where the parcel was. Just couldn't find it in the depot either. Promised to call back to update but didn't happen. I'd to call again the next day to be told they'd found it, at another depot. By then a week and a half had passed already since the supposed arrival date. Just couldn't trust them anymore, I went to pick up myself, and after a long period of waiting (30mins - gone in with just my consignment note and took so long to come out), the unfriendly staff came out with my parcel torn to pieces. The stuff inside was scratched, and the parts needed to assemble it were gone. Now awaiting customer service to call me back for reimbursement. Wow, 'Express' delivery huh, at a took-longer-than-normal-Post, appalling-service, damaged-goods guarantee. Disgusting.


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