Atomic Tribe - delight! Mail Removal Impossible

Posted on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 11:12am CST by 607309c4

Product: delight!

Company: Atomic Tribe

Location: 210 W. College Ave. Suite 200
Appleton, WI, 54911, US


Category: Other

I just received another idiotic issue of delight! (the title says it all) magazine with an introspective photo of Anderson Cooper on the cover. I'm sure the groovy campus kids at Atomic Tribe ARE paying attention and if they could tear themselves away from their iphones and Blackberrys maybe they could find time to really remove me from this soon-to-be landfill. From just the environmental aspect I would hope the good folks at Atomic Tribe will remove those who do not wish to add to our needless waste problems.

N. McShane


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