Mossy Toyota - Toyota car purchase bait and switch

Posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 12:39pm CST by 6154deab

Product: 2009 Prius

Company: Mossy Toyota

Location: 4555 Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA, 92109, US


Category: Other

The Toyota salesperson made offers which he withdrew when we accepted each offer. He made an offer of a price lower than $293 off the original price and with $500 off for trade in of my old vehicle. When we accepted, he said he could not take the trade in and offer $293 off. When we accepted the $293 off without the trade-in, he said that was not approved by his director so we had to pay full price, which we eventually did since the other car we wanted to buy was no longer available.

As an act of good faith we asked for floor mats and a spare key. Eventually he begrudgingly gave us floor mats, but refused to give us a spare key. (Three weeks later we are still waiting for the floor mats and the spare key is going to cost us $40 more than estimated. The salesperson also said his detailer could easily buff out the scratches. We left the car overnight for this buffing, and then were told the scratches could not be buffed out.)

Overall we were very dissatisfied with our experience and feel like we were the recipient of a bait-and-switch ploy. We feel very little trust that we are told by Mossy Toyota can be believed, now that we have found over and over what was said is untrue.


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