Adams World - ADCAHB - CORAL SPRINGS - How I Got Scammed By My Insurance Agent

Posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 4:07pm CST by 18ad51da

Product: Healt Insurance

Company: Adams World - ADCAHB - CORAL SPRINGS

Location: 3000 NW 101 Lane
Coral Springs, FL, 33065, US


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I was given in writing a quote for health & dental insurance. After activation I found out that the charges for the quoted insurance was 20% higher than on the written quote, plus they did not include the promised dental plan. On top of it they slammed me with a life insurance policy that i neither authorized nor ordered. I have spoken to management to no avail... I found that the dental insurance was never issued when I brought my daughter to the dentist. All this (well most of it...) could have been prevented. I contacted the sales agent on 10/25/10 he promised me he would take care of it and that it was a simple mistake in Jacksonville. I explained to him that i needed to know as soon as possible in case i needed to re-instate my old policy which i only had til 10/29/10 to do so. He promised a call that i never got. On 10/28, on my way to the airport for a business trip, i called again, explained the urgency of the issue, and again he promised me he would take care of it immediately and not to worry. I explained again that i needed to know by the next day or i wouldn't be able to re-instate my old policy, again, he promised to call, but i never got the call. The following monday, after i could not re-instate the policy. he explained to me that he had quoted me wrong, and that the policy price he provided was for a policy with $2,500 deductible, and not the one with $250 deductible on the written quote. A few days later i received a life insurance policy issued by them that i did not order. and finally contacted blue cross/blue shield to find out about my dental insurance, and found out that one was never issued. Please help. This is a clear case of bait and switch. I'm afraid they are also slamming others as they did me. Management doesn't seem to care. I called spoke to Stacey Zeitin?? and also to Naidine. I asked Naidine last week, (wednesday or thursday) for a call back, so they would explain what is it that i currently have (or don't) and have not heard back from anyone there. As for the agent. Edward Hernandez... I don't want to communicate with since he completely lied, was deceptive & negligent in handling my issue.

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509921e5, 2010-11-16, 04:39PM CST

We have been working with adcahb for years and everything sent in the emails they send, are very imformative, all emails actually have a description of benefits. The reform skrewed everything up with a lot of people, so you are not the only one, as far as the qoute, he made a horrible mistake, but right now if it is the 700 plan, it has the best benefits and saves people 50 % off,..There has been many cases like this but they have a great reputation and barely any complaints,... seems like you had someone who didnt know what they were doing, And all this can be fixed. Except the price of the plan that can not be changed. So i AM SORRY to hear this, but good news is you could handle this yourself.your better off,...Sometimes things can get confusing,especially with health insurance.

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