Posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 11:46am CST by 430b3b5d

Product: Olympus FE-4030

Company: Foto Pandini

Location: via Garibaldi
Ferrara, Fe, 44100, IT

Category: Other

I bought an Olympus camera FE-4030 Slim wide 4xzoom in July. In August I was in Bali on holiday whan suddenly, on the day 23rd, the camera broke down. I was still able to take photos, but no images appeared on the screen, so they were 'blind' photos. Returning to Italy, I brought it to the shop where I had bought it (after all it had a two-year warranty and I had bought it less than two months before. To my surprise I wsa asked 20 euros for the mail expenses ... but that was not the only and worst surprise which was expecting me. Two months later, the camera was sent back becaus it was impossible to repair it. Some photos had been sent together with the useless camera, showing as it was rusted here and there.

I am 100% sure that it didn't fall into the wather, neither it was wahed somehow. Certainly, when you are on a beach, maybe taking a photo, it is quite possible that a drop of water reaches your preacious camera.

Anyway, if Olympus produces cameras that can be ruined by a single drop of water, they should at least inform their clients. Or, better, they should start producing somenthing else. Good quality indeed.


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