Info Data Link - Info Data Link Scam

Posted on Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 12:07pm CST by 755d6c88

Product: directory scam

Company: Info Data Link

Location: UPS Store Mailbox: 1075 Broad Ripple Ave. #304
Indianapolis, IN, 46220, US

Category: Other

My business received a bill from Info Data Link for $513.95 for advertising. I never ordered anything from them and I never received any services or products from them. They are a fraudulent business directory company. THEY ARE A SCAM! They are actually located in Montreal, QC, and use a US mailbox.


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755d6c88, 2010-11-15, 03:29PM CST

My company recently received an invoice from Info Data Link in the amount of $413.95 for online advertising. I never ordered or wanted their product/services.

I am currently dealing with a company called Scam Stoppers. They are trying to get this account closed for me. If anyone else has problems with this company you can contact Robert or George at 888-315-5770.

c7b2d111, 2010-12-13, 09:06AM CST

Electronic Media Marketing Group, Inc.

Is also a directory scam!!

They do the same scam as info data link!!

dont ever pay them, they cant do anything to you to hurt you or your credit

i was duped into this for many years until i contacted for some help

it was a great move... Thank you George!!!

184c6e3e, 2011-02-16, 02:23PM CST

My business received a bill from info data link for product or services I never ordered. They are impossible to work with. I was told to learn how to teach people to answer the phone??? What a scam. Anyone have any luck getting this resolved?

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