Crawl Guide Online Advertising - Crawl Guide Online Advertising Scam

Posted on Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 11:58am CST by 755d6c88

Product: Online directory scam

Company: Crawl Guide Online Advertising

Location: The UPS Store mail box: 2348 Chemin Lucerne #612
Town of Mont-Royal, Qc, H3R2J8, CA

Category: Other

My business received a bill from Business Info Source for $529.99 for online advertising. I never ordered anything from them and I never received any services or products from them. They are a fraudulent business directory company. THEY ARE A SCAM!


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efe486e5, 2011-01-24, 09:52AM CST

I too have received this request for payment for services I neither need nor would I ever use since my clients are international and would never think to even look in such a place. This is one of 3 companies located in Mont Royal that have sent me such invoices. I suspect that they are all part of the same Fraud/Scam organization. I have sent the fraud squad at the RCMP copies of the messages in the hopes they might do something. I have also sent my lawyer the information so he is up to speed on this series of events. No signed document exists for me having requested such advertising so I am dammed if I am going to let these people get away with this anymore.

43fa654c, 2011-02-02, 12:04PM CST

my company received a billing for 529.99.for on line advertising.L never recieved a call or talk to any one about this services.they are a fraud.

9b0ea8eb, 2011-04-04, 12:45PM CDT

We have had the same trouble with Crawl Guide Online Advertising. They have been faxing us for some time. They are trying to charge us for $529.99 for advertising that we never authorized. We do not deal with advertising over the phone. Everyone we advertise with is done in person. The gentleman whose name is on the so called bill does not even work at this company, nor has he ever worked here. Now they are threating to take this company to Equifax Canada for collection. That is a real scam they have going.

47c8cbad, 2011-07-26, 12:16PM CDT

I have recieved a call from this company saying you recieve the first year for free and you pay for the second year.They said that to cancel the service we have to pay. Now they say they have my name on tape but never send it, and tehn I recieved a leeter from a lawyers office saying I have to pay. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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