Coldwater Ceek - re: Coldwater Creek

Posted on Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at 11:25pm CST by b417de07

Product: Retail

Company: Coldwater Ceek

Location: Sandpoint, Id, US

Category: Other

Replying to the complaint about the amount of money Coldwater Creek spends on moving around Xmas trees and wreaths. I can vouch for this as I owned a company that handled the movement of all of the Xmas trees and wreaths from warehouse to the stores. I traveled around the country and picked orders and loaded trucks to make sure that every store had exactly what they needed.

I work for a new company now and have realized that the company that I worked for and that still does all the work for Coldwater Creek is raping them badly on the warehousing and deliver/pickup charges.

I called Sandpoint and a girl named Rocket ( who names their kid Rocket?) answered each time and as the last complaint stated she was really rude and not helpful at all. Twice she put me on hold for over 10 minutes and then just disconnected the call. What kind of customer/public service/relations in the community does this put forth?

So I offered Coldwater Creek an opportunity to save about 100,000.00 in Xmas tree/wreath transportation and warehousing charges each year.............and guess what.........................I was put on hold by Rocket for 10 minutes and then disconnected.

Do what you want but I say that if you care about wasteful spending or the environment then you might consider not shopping and Colwater Creek stores. What a total they spend almost a million dollars in freight and warehousing of nothing more that Xmas trees and wreaths..........which they put in the stores to make you get in the spirit in order to spend more money to pay the bill.


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