Tmobile - Tmobile not honoring customer remorse

Posted on Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at 7:35pm CST by d9c181e9

Company: Tmobile

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

I recently signed up for a Tmobile unlimited plan. Tmobile had the samsung vibrant phone that I drooled over. I went from flawless signal with At&t to Tmobile whom let me out off a contract 5 years ago for this very reason. NO SIGNAL. T mobile has a tower 3.5 miles from my home. Go figure it works 8 miles from the tower but not at my house.

Tmobile put me to tech support where I spent two days. Then I had to find a sim card which a guy at radio shack was kind enough to give me. They determined that the sim card was not bad. They then sent a call ticket to engineering who went to the tower site. Promised me a call back never got it (these take approximately 72 hours) We are now on day 7 of non working phone. I in all fairness had 2 phones one of which was being used in a different city. The engineers did not report this to tmobile so they did another call which is 72 more hours promised a call back with results (no call) so I called they said there was no issue with tower. They then issued another call to engineering On Day 11 (72 hours later) No response so I called. Guess what I am now on day 15 out of my buyers remorse period. One guy at t mobile said that a WiFi enabled phone would solve my issue. But I had to pay FULL price and keep the phone that did not work. Great customer service. For the record when I ordered these phones their sales person guaranteed excellent service in my home outside my home yada yada yada. Stuck in a bullhockey contract. Calling FCC tomorrow for false advertising


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