COOK-WHITEHEAD FORD - Desceptive Adverstisement

Posted on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 12:03am CST by 2164847e

Product: prize ticket #135505


Location: 730 West 15th Street
Panama City, FL, 32401, US


Category: Other

In early March 2010, I received in the mail a packet from COOK-WHITEHEAD FORD, a local Ford Dealer in the Panama City Bay County Florida. This packet stated that I had won $25K which may be used towards the purchase of a new vehicle The instruction also states that this can be claimed no later than 12/31/11: Therefore, on 8 May 10 at approximately 2:10PM, my wife, my daughter and her friend, and myself went to the Cook White-Head Ford Used car center in order to redeem Play $25,000 Poker contest winning ticket (Ticket # 135505), which was received via mail. We, my wife and I, encountered a COOKS WHITE-HEAD FORD salesman named Freddy (Freddy is an older Hispanic male who stated he has been working for the company for 30 years. He also stated the he was transferred here from Louisiana about 6 months ago). Freddy was initially eager to provide us assistance, until we began to inquire on redeeming the prize. I informed him that I wanted to know whether this was legitimate prize. His demeanor became less calm and more defensive. He stated that the prize has expired in March 2010 (based on the date on the form 9-12 Mar 10). Because of his defensive demeanor, we gently left the facility and decided to follow up.

This seems to have been a ploy setup by what appears to be a legitimate Auto Dealer to lure customers in the door. While advertizing to attract customers is not may not be wrong, this ploy is/ was in my belief blatant and intentionally DECEPTIVE ADVERTISEMENT and False. I therefore, want to call attention to this particular dealer and other dealers who has taken an approach of DECEPTIVE ADVERTISEMENT.


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