Mitsubishi Digital Electronics - Mitsubishi Electronics has horrible customer Service

Posted on Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 6:15am CST by 5e1b451b

Product: WD-60737

Company: Mitsubishi Digital Electronics

Location: Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (MDEA) 9351 Jeronimo Rd.
Irvine, CA, 92618, US


Category: Other

I have been contacting Consumer Relations since 11/10/10 in reference to a television I purchased. I had the TV still in the original box and when I was able to remove it from the box, we discovered that the television was not working. I tried to troubleshoot the isue with the technical department and when they were unable to assist me over the phone they sent out Apex Electronics to see what was wrong with the television. First the sub contractor could not tell for sure how the TV was damaged but he would report his findings back to Mitsubishi. We did not hear anything and so I called on 11/10 and spoke with (J. Chew), as I question if anyone was being honest with me, at 10am EST. He indicated that the TV had physical damage and that it would not be covered and they placed me on hold and contacted Apex Electronics. Now the CSR advised that the contractor could not state for sure if the damage was caused by me or not. I explained to the representative that I purchased two televisions from them within 30 days and one we did hook up right away (and continue to use). The other remained stored in it's original box but I never did anyhing to damage the television. The television remained in the same box and place where it had been delivered. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT AFTER HAVING SPENT THAT TYPE OF MONEY ON A PRODUCT. I am a single woman with a modest income and I can't afford to spend that kind of hard earned money and just throw it away. I had expected Mitsubishi to honor the customer and replace the TV. I was advised that they would escalate the issue and provided me with a ticket number of 2618174.

I stated that I had wanted a manager to contact me back that day on 11/10 and that I would check back if I was not contacted. Well, I was not contacted and I called back again on 11/10 around 11:30am EST. This time I spoke with Lynn, who also said she would not let me speak with a manager and advised me that I HAD to give them 24 hours (this was in response to my request for a manager to call me). I was not happy with this but I did comply and when I called again this morning on 11/11 NO ONE still had an update for me. They only stated that they were still reviewing it and I called at 10:00am EST and this time I spoke with another representative who called himself Joey.

I once again held on the phone for a LONG TIME and asked for a supervisor and he stated that the manager, who he identified as Jan, was on the phone with another customer. I was advised that she would call back once she was finished with the customer she was assisting. I hung up and 3 hours later I STILL did nnot hear from Jan. I called back and spoke with another representative around 5:30pm EST who identified himself as Robert. I advised that I still hadn't heard from anyone in reference to my issue and he again advised that the issue was still under review. I once again asked WHY DID a supervisor not call me back and he said that I had to give them until the close of business. I said they have exhausted the close of business options and I am NOT HAPPY about getting the run around. He once again like your OTHER REPS refused to give me a manager.

Now I am not sure what type of operation they are running but this is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVCE. I was a loyal customer who purchased TWO 60 inch High Definition TV's within 30 days. I DO NOT GET PLEASURE OUT OF CALLING THEM SEVERAL TIMES TO CONTINUOUSLY RECEIVE THE RUN AROUND. I have received rude treatment and have been painted as a liar, WHICH I DO NOT APPRECIATE!! I have no reason to SCAM you for a television. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If someone pays almost $1000 for a television with their hard earned money and HAVE NEVER USED THE TELEVISION AT ALL, I had an expectation that this television would be working in proper condition. It came to me in this condition and I had no reason to question that it was not sent to me in such improper working conditions. I expect someone to rectify this situation and rectify it immediately. Mitsubishi is a multi billion dollar corporation and I think that it is a shame as to how they are treating me a loyal customer, who has again purchased two of the same television. I am prepared to continue to escalate this matter as far as I possibly can. I may be reached via telephone at either 302-562-2686 or 302-326-3698.


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