The Salon - Dishonest Pricing: The Salon KC

Posted on Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 6:22pm CST by e2bf668b

Product: Hair Salon

Company: The Salon

Location: 4548 Main Street
Kansas City, MO, 64111, US


Category: Other

Very Rude Service and Deceptive and dishonest Pricing. Had bridal party do their hair "special occasion" styling. After service was rendered, they refused to honor a 20% coupon because it was a bridal party,even though the bride did not get her hair done there. Further, a few weeks prior to the appointment my maid of honor called and they said that they would honor it.

Thereafter, they tried to keep the deposit the bride had to pay because two guests (who were not a part of the wedding party) canceled their appointments. Although these appointments were made a day before the wedding, they claimed that they were entitled to keep the deposit there was a three or four week cancellation policy.

They represented that the four week cancellation policy was explained on the website. However, on the website all they have listed under the cancellation policy is a right to charge if someone misses more than one appointment. None of these individuals who canceled their appts had gone to this salon before. There is absolutely nothing on the website about a three or four week cancellation policy or a deposit.

The worst thing was their unprofessionalism. They threatened to call the police unless we forfeited the deposit,called the wedding party cheap for wanting to use the 20% coupon, yelled at the wedding party in front of everyone, yelled at the bride over the phone.


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