Spa Go - Bad Hair Day

Posted on Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 10:47am CST by bd2b4cc4

Product: Hair Color Services

Company: Spa Go

Location: 2252 Whiskey Rd
Aiken, SC, 29803, US


Category: Other

I went to have my hair color lightened. I was given a qoute of $65 and 2 hours in the salon. What I got was spending 5 1/2 hours in the salon only to be over charged and leave in tears with orange, copper, red hair...which I clearly explained I can't stand ANY of those shades. I now have chemical burns on my scalp and everytime I look in the mirror I burst into tears. I will have to find a new salon who can fix this mess and pay even more money for color correction once my scalp heals. I am offended that after such a disaster they had the gall to ask me to pay twice what I was qouted! Their massage services and staff are excellent, my complaint is with the hair service I recieved. Any profesional company would have offered to fix it at no charge...certainly not ask me to pay more and then to return to PAY again to have it fixed. I guess I will be wearing a ball cap until I find a salon that can make me not look like I belong in a circus.


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