Verizon Wireless - Tampa Call Center - Verizon Wireless - Tampa - Your call is being recorded NOT for quality assurance BUT for Ridicule!

Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 3:16pm CST by e75a6169

Product: Customer Service - Verizon Wireless - Tampa

Company: Verizon Wireless - Tampa Call Center

Location: 3611 W Hillsborough Ave # 206
Tampa, FL, 33609, US


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I lived as a roommate with an employee of Verizon Wireless in Tampa, FL. She works in the call center and would complain daily about the idiots and the stupid old people that couldn't use the internet to do what was needed instead of calling the Call Center. She would make fun of anyone with an accent and of course if she felt that a particular ethic group called they were just trying to get something for free. I understand that she has a right to say whatever she thinks outside of work, and believe me I do understand about how stressful a call center job could be, I would not be able to personally be a call center person, because I have a problem saying NO and want to be as helpful as possible and I do understand if your have to call a call center its because you more than likely have a problem, but when she would tell about her and the supervisor reviewing recorded phone calls and laughing about an accent because they could not understand or the ethic slurs about someone trying to get something for nothing that really made me think.

These people are suppose to be professionals, in fact she would tell about meetings that she would attend at work about being a professional and she seemed very proud to be called one, but the people that they are degrading are the people that pay their salaries. She would tell stories about people daily and make fun and complain because these customers were ruining her stats, I guess you are suppose to take so many calls an hour, and if some poor elderly person that happened to have a dial-up connect and was not as computer literate as she thought they should be, she would just say I wish that they would just go ahead and die. My roommate would even texted me while she was on the phone with a customer telling me what a idiot customer she had on the phone or worst. Now if my ex-roommate was just one person out a many I would think that Verizon would find her out and do something about it, but I was invited to go with her to a party that her co-workers were giving and which their supervisor showed up and they were all like she was. It was a big complain about the customer night and I realized that if they were talking about customers that way what were they saying about me. After that I realized the it was the culture of Verizon Wireless, at least at the Tampa Call Center so while they are being nice to you on the phone and all calls are recorded you are being subject to ridicule at the hands of the supervisors and your call center rep. Also, remember these people know your name and address and phone number so beware when calling Verizon Wireless and ask them up front since your recording my call who is going to listen to it and are you going to be subject to ridicule later. Also, the supervisor is reviewing calls to see if the call center rep., tried to suggest to you to purchase or upgrade your services, sort of DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT selling technique and a host of other things that add pressure to the call rep., but they stress that they are professionals and professionals understand their clients and would want to keep their clients and this behavior IS NOT PROFESSIONAL.

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8e4e4e6c, 2012-01-30, 02:36PM CST

I work for a VERIZON Wireless Call center.. and trust me. Most of the time people call to complain is because they didn't understand how the service work or they were pissed because their bills were high dut to they went over the minutes.

Everyone is responsible for their phones, VZW is just the provider.

With that said, every customer service rep is a human being. hearing people complain all day on the phone makes you stressed. I feel like the only way for us as reps can liberate some of the stress is by venting out what the customers where complaining about. I do understand that it might not be professional, but its hard to combat.

p.s WE Usually make fun of people that complain for unreal stuff. Stuff that they are responsible for and its funny how people can make the most random excuses to get a credit.

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