Landers Toyota Scion of Little Rock - Used Automobile

Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 9:23am CST by 428f6674

Product: Chrysler Town & Country Touring

Company: Landers Toyota Scion of Little Rock

Location: 10825 Colonel Glenn Road
Little Rock, Ar, 72204, US


Category: Other

I bought a used vehicle on 10/27/10 and was told by the salesperson that their used vehicles are serviced before selling by their onsite service team. I was also given the impression that I had a warranty that would cover any type of mechanical issues that arose, up to 100,000 miles, finding out now that my warranty is only covering power train issues. A few days later, I noticed that the engine coolant was empty and that the oil needed to be changed. They performed these services for me. The next day there was a leak from the front right engine, took it in and found that the water pump needed to be replaced. They performed this at no cost. About a week later, there is a loud humming coming from the engine and the brakes are squealing. I took it in, the tech heard the humming but couldn't find where it was coming from so they referred me to a Chrysler dealer for their service team to look over. I took it in and they found that the steering reservoir was stopped up - they replaced the reservoir and flushed the power steering system. For the brakes, they resurfaced the front rotors. Total bill came out to $516.44. Called my salesperson up and was told that this is not covered under the Power train warranty but that this was more of a maintenance issue. This is only after having the car in my possession for under 2 weeks! Shouldn't maintenance work have been performed on the vehicle prior to selling?? There have just been too many problems for so little amount of time....Now the service dept (Chrysler dealership) is telling me that I should have a Tune-up w/ air filter as well as a fuel service for another $400 - more of which I feel should have been performed before purchase. Also found that one of my power locks is not working (again told that this was not covered). I went to what I thought to be a reputable dealer to buy my used car, worried about buying from anyone less because of this exact type of thing.


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