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Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 6:46am CST by 1d87cb60

Product: 2000 Ford Excursion

Company: Pompano Ford Dealer

Location: 2741 North Federal Highway
Pompano Beach, Fl, 33064, US

URL: http://www.pompanoflm.com/

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To whom it may concern: November 4 , 2010

I had my 2000 Ford Excursion Diesel repaired on 6/30/2010 by Pompano Ford Dealer, in Pompano Florida. I explained to Michael Rodriquez there was something wrong with the steering and that is was chugging and not running properly. I also made Michael Rodriquez aware of the right passenger tire that needs to be repaired due to having a screw in it. Michael Rodriquez the service advisor told me that before repairing any vehicles it is policy to do a 200.00 diagnostic were they will inspect the entire truck. Michael Rodriquez stated it would be another 45.00 to inspect the steering. I agreed to the diagnostics costs.

I then was giving a ride by the Ford Courtesy Van to my resort by Paul Cillie, as we were driving, he proceeded to talk all about the strip clubs and sexual topics, and taking all these back roads back, I didn??t know what was going to happen. I felt very uncomfortable. I didn??t know if he was going to make sexual advances towards me or what. It was the scariest experience I have ever encountered.

I needed my truck fixed and Pompano Ford stated that they would take care of everything. Michael Rodriquez called me the next day to tell me the results of the inspection and the repairs were going to be 1267.00 to fix my truck. I agreed to the repairs. I then picked up the truck and asked Michael Rodriquez if the truck was all set and Michael Rodriquez stated it was test driven and safe for the ride home to Boston. I said thank you and assumed the truck was all set.

I then started my journey home to Boston July 4, 2010, at 11:00pm, we reached Georgia at 3:00am and the driver??s side front wheel was making a really weird noise then the wheel started smoking. My friend called the local Sheriff of Woodbine Georgia. We tried to get off the middle of the highway when all of a sudden the wheel fell off. The wheel went down the highway sparks flying we thought the truck was going to catch fire. We almost tipped over, off a bridge and this horrifying event could have been fatal. I had 7 children in my truck. My daughter was so scared and crying she was trying to jump out of the window onto the highway to escape. Let??s not forget the toddler who was strapped into her car seat screaming and crying out of fear. The teenagers were trying to keep the younger children calm and they all unstrapped their seat belts ready to jump if we tipped off the bridge.

The tow truck driver stated that my friend Christine Di??Natale is an amazing driver and saved all our lives and he didn??t know how the truck didn??t go over the bridge and we didn??t die.

The Sheriff knew exactly what had happened. The Sheriff also stated to me that the Ford Dealership didn??t thoroughly inspect or fix my truck properly, because if they did they would have caught the differential so bad the wheel was going to fall off. The sheriff also stated that he wasn??t a certified mechanic and he knew what was wrong. He stated he would have it towed back and demand a refund and a new truck.

I then contacted the Pompano Ford Dealer Service Manager Warren Stewart and explained what had happened. Warren was very rude and defensive to me saying ??I am not doing anything to help you ??, then stated Pompano Ford will not be taking any responsibility have a nice day and hung up on me. I then called the Manager of the dealership Richard Zich telling him what happened and explained that Warren was rude and he didn??t even care. His reply was okay. I then asked him where your dealership was negligent and didn??t fix the truck properly, if he could help me and my 7 children get home by renting couple of cars. Richard replied Pompano Ford won??t be helping you and renting cars for you to get home. Taking no responsibility for this disaster that he dealership caused.

Left stranded in Georgia now with 7 children and no way to get home or to a hotel. The deputy Sheriff felt so bad he transported us in shifts to a truck stop in Woodbine Georgia. The Comfort Suites staff was so nice they let us use their rooms for a much discounted price. I then tried talking to Richard Zich Service Manager again. He again stated that until the insurance company contacts him he will not be helping me in any way. Customer service is clearly not the focus of Pompano Ford.

I can??t believe the disregard for human life. The Pompano Ford Dealership was so negligent they almost killed 9 people. If we had died there would be a different story written by the news. 14 weeks later and the truck so badly damaged I still don??t have it back.

I received a phone call from Advanced Collision in Kingsland Georgia on August 17, 2010 and Derek the tech just test drove the 2000 Ford Excursion. When taking it for a test drive he almost lost the other wheel on the passenger front.

He stated that he couldn??t believe that Pompano Ford Dealership said the truck was safe to drive. He also stated that if it was test driven this couldn??t have been missed. Derek stated that he was afraid to drive the truck. I read the attached repair statement to the tech. Derek stated that if they fixed a flat tire and checked the suspension there is no way they could have missed the bearing and wheel hub ready to burst. He then stated that explains what happened to the other wheel. That is also what the Sheriffs stated.

I then found this Customer Relationship Center of Ford Motor Company where I was hoping to get some support. I unfortunately didn??t. The generic answer has been contact the dealer. I am very saddened to say this is not very helpful either. I can??t believe Ford has independent owners that treat their customers unfairly when the dealer almost killed them. I think someone should be holding the dealership accountable for this disaster. I am contacting the board of directors to ask you for support in dealing with this serious situation. The customer service website has not been successful. The Pompano Ford Dealership has not been any help either. I really don??t want another customer going through this horrific ordeal or who knows another fatality situation where they won??t be as lucky as I was.

I know Dealership owners have to answer to someone and I am hoping it is you the board of directors. I really hope you will be able to help me. I just want my money back from Pompano Ford. I want a new truck. I will never feel safe in that vehicle ever again. I took very good care of it. I want Pompano Ford to pay for all expenses incurred from their negligence of repairing my Truck: car rentals, hotel, and gas, 3 days wages loss due to the fact of having no vehicle, Insurance Deductible, and now more repairs that total $1200.00. I want my money refunded $1257.00. I also want to be refunded $2500.00 the cost of buying a used vehicle during the time I had no truck. I would also like my truck delivered to me.

I feel like I deserve a new truck that is safe for all the aggravation and life threatening situation we were subjected to, due to negligence of Pompano Ford. We almost lost our lives and this totally could have been prevented. It would have only cost $500.00 to fix the truck properly. I am not being unreasonable, what is the average price of human life these days.

This has been the worse experience of my life. I would hate to have to get lawyers and the media involved, However, I will do what ever it takes to get resolution and financial restitution. I have never been treated so badly in my life. Ford should be ashamed! 4 months later and the truck is finally repaired. This is so ridiculous. I really hope we can resolve this swiftly.

Below you will find pictures of the truck and the extensive damage.


Cynthia Yates


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