Presbyteran Intercommunity Hospital - fraudulent and excessive billing

Posted on Monday, November 1st, 2010 at 1:30am CDT by 73416079

Product: medical service

Company: Presbyteran Intercommunity Hospital

Location: 12401 Washington Blvd
Whittier, CA, 90602, US

Category: Other

My wife visited Dr. Kang W. Lee on the Sept 2nd for a heart check. He asked us to come back on Sept 8th for a stress test on a treadmill and an ultrasound test. Several months later, we received 3 separate invoices: $100.93, $173.04, and $2,353.65 for a total of $2,627.62 fees from the Doctor, Bright Health Physicians Group, and Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital. I was shocked for such a high bill, so I checked on Internet and found out the average cost for an ultrasound was around $200 and a stress test on treadmill was just $400. I asked why the bill was so high and they said its within my deductible. This is a typical example of how badly broken our healthcare system was; its a humongous scam for making a few rich quick from looting out of the ordinary people.

1. It was a simple office visit and they had to make us come back to multiple the office visit cost.

2. We had a simple stress test on treadmill and an ultrasound test. Im dumbfounded that they would split the process into several components and bill each of them separately in high amount.

3. I had no idea how I would have gotten a bill from the hospital; it was a simple office visit.

4. They did not disclose the cost in advance. We would have gone somewhere else for medical care had we been made aware of the cost.

5. They did not even give us a report of our test result. They said it will come with cost when wanted. What? They asked us to pay $2627.62 with no result and report?

6. Hows deductible anything to do with a high bill? High deductible plan allows them to pillage my deductible?

7. Im very surprised that these behaviors have not been changed with recession and high unemployment.


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