Donatucci's kitchen bath & remodeling - Donatucci's kitchen nightmare

Posted on Monday, November 1st, 2010 at 3:37pm CDT by 9b9811e7

Product: entire new kitchen renovation

Company: Donatucci's kitchen bath & remodeling

Location: S 19th St AT Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146
Philadelphia, PA, 19146, US


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my experience with Donatucci's was well over 2 years ago, but it was so bad that once i found this site, i had to elaborate for the benefit of others considering using them.

it all started well working with them on designing a new kitchen, but after the order was placed and a deposit given, it turned into a nightmare.

firstly, i am an architect and from the beginning there were signs that these people did not know what they were doing. there were several basic things that i have done on almost every kitchen i have designed that they were not able to do (not difficult things either).

when the order was placed i was given a time frame of 3-4 weeks to complete the work after the cabinets were finished and appliances arrived.

1. appliances arrived late. refrigerator was the wrong model and had to be returned creating a several day delay.

2. cabinets were installed crooked initially and i had to complain multiple times to get them to rehang them.

3. damage was done to one wall that they refused to repair (would have taken 15-20 minutes of spackling).

4. pantry cabinet was never properly attached to the wall and separated leaving a big seam.

5. rotating lazy Suzan was improperly installed. when they disassembled it and reassembled it, they broke the wood lip around the diameter in 2 places.

6. additional lighting circuit was installed branching off an existing fixture from within a closet. instead of taking off the original closet light and adding a junction box (as per code and general safety), the new circuit was simply attached directly to the old closet fixture, buried in the ceiling and plastered over. only because the plaster work was so horrid that i took it down to redo it did i discover this wonderful surprise.

7. in connecting another new circuit for

counter lights, they disconnected the power that went out to the patio and never reconnected it. the wall was closed up and there is no way to reconnect this power.

8. a cabinet door had been incorrectly made and had to be sent back. in the meantime, all work on the kitchen was suspended.

9. all crown mouldings were installed so poorly i ripped them down, recut and mitered them and reinstalled them.

10. workers initially refused to replaster a hole in the ceiling left behind by the old opening for the previous refrigerator. after much debate, the hole was finally replastered, but so poorly i cut it all out and redid it myself.

11. after the cabinets had been installed, the stove did not fit in the space that had been left for it. work was suspended for over 3 weeks until someone came back to deal with it. instead of a very careful approach i had suggested, the worker got out a giant hammer and banged the hell out of the cabinet in order to jam the stove in place. plywood casing of the cabinet was ruptured.

12. the double doors on the refrigerator did not align. i was told the unit had been leveled and that maybe there was a small washer missing from the door hinge. after two weeks of calling to follow up i found they had never contacted Viking to inquire, so i called Viking. after over 3 months of trying to get Donatucci's to order this part, i finally placed an order myself. in the meantime, Donatucci stopped work on the kitchen delaying the installation. when the part arrived, it was clear that this was not the problem. the worker refused to deal with the problem until i refused to pay the bill. finally he returned and checked the leveling. the refrigerator had never been leveled. this whole issue added at least 3.5 months to the completion date.

13. overall, for all the above reasons as well as others, the project took over 6 months beyond the 3-4 week period i was told it should have taken.

14. after completing the work and leaving, i discovered 2 broken 12" floor tiles. i mentioned this to their worker and their office and no one took any responsibility for it.

there are so many more issues that i will not even mention.

the company was so lax in responding to any issue that i was completely at their mercy, not having a kitchen in which to cook for over 6 months.

this company is a nightmare. do not ever ever use them for anything. stay the hell away.


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