Banana Republic - Poor quality

Posted on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at 1:23pm CDT by d82a91b0

Product: Jeans

Company: Banana Republic

Location: Louisville, KY, 40207, US

Category: Other

I am a long time customer and many dollar customer of Banana Republic. I REALLY like their styles in clothing and they fit me will. HOWEVER, the fabric pulled away at the pocket of my THIRD pair of jeans from BR after the second or third time I wore them. Unfortunately for me, I did not wear these jeans too often and the defect was only visible at the 5 month mark since purchase.

The time element for me to run around to the store, then to be told to call the toll-free customer service number for support; where then the toll-free service rep said to go to the store; then at the store to be rejected again for being past the 30 day mark; then call the toll-free again who said "any workmanship issue over any time is replaced;" then go to the store to be told it WASN'T a defect by the store (after an previous subtle acknowledgement that it was indeed)...took a long time!

Wasn't a defect....huh. I am not overweight, the fabric is obviously pulling away on its own while wearing normally (a.k.a. not torn), the label tag strings are still attached, no wear-n-tear, they look nearly new...huh...not a defect.

In the end, I was blown off big time. BR showed zero interest in supporting. The toll-free guy told me to go to other stores until one of them helped me. Nice. I like driving around complaining about jeans, because I have nothing better to do with my life! I just want to quickly buy something from a company that stands behind their work...not one that lets my behind be unwillingly exposed. I don't even care if I get this pair replaced anymore, nor do I want a credit. Keep your scammed dollars BR! I have several jeans and life will go on. But, this pair of jeans was crap. I am angry and insulted at the inference that somehow I'm responsible.

If I could stand in front of the store for days showing every customer my jeans so they could at least be warned and make up their own mind by seeing my pair; that would be a good thing. I probably won't be wearing the defective pair in front of the store, but that would make a great point. It's fine if you purchase poor quality jeans from a major discount store...there are expectations. I paid, what I consider, a higher dollar for the look and quality of these jeans and I expected more. My kids wreak havoc for years in cheap discount store jeans, but these, you can't sit down in for fear of separating the fabric! I am shocked at the support and I'm too busy in life to spend any more time whining about jeans to this blog, but more so to wasting time with a useless dance with Banana Recraplic.

I have a credit card from BR that I will soon cancel. I will take my clothing shopping elsewhere. I am done whining...please heed my advice...If you like the look of BR clothes, buy that look elsewhere unless you are getting a deal! It's your risk...that guarantee is at the mercy of one person's opinion and YOU ARE NOT that person, nor will that person listen to you, because...."That's policy!"


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