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Posted on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 10:57pm CDT by e1344a0d

Company: First Merit

Location: 3 Cascade Plaza, 7th Fl.
Akron, OH, 44308, US


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Good Evening Sir,

I am sending this e-mail in hopes that it will find its way to your President, Paul G. Greig. On the evening of May 7th I contacted your customer service department to discuss a negative account balance. I had recently been charged overdraft fees and I needed to understand why there had been so many. Per my checkbook ledger and online statement I could only find 1 charge that may have brought my account negative. Additionally there had been a deposit made on my account the day before, so I should have been showing a positive balance.

The CSR that handled my call was initially pleasant and I thought he would resolve the issue. During our conversation he informed me that even after the deposit was made, additional overdraft fees were charged to the account which brought me back to a negative balance. I was upset and stated that what he was telling me didn't make sense and I have had these types of problems in the past. I also informed him that I would not pay the additional overdraft fees and wanted to speak to a manager. At this time your CSR stated, "Mame, I don't understand why you are confused, its very simple. You spent more money then you had. That is what overdraft means."

I was highly offended by this statement and told him so. His statements failed to show any type of courtesy or concern and were down right condecending. He knows nothing about how I manage my personal finances and without investigating the matter any further was determining that bank error was not possibly an option. He stated that his comment was not offensive as he had just stated "facts." This angered me further and I told him I no longer wished to speak with him, but wanted a Supervisor. He explained that due to the hour (it was after 8 pm), that would not be possible and offered me a call back on Monday 5/10. I insisted on speaking with someone with more authority and he continued to offer the call back. This arguing continued for the next 5 to 10 minutes. During the remainder of the call, he threatened to disconnect the call, stated " I won't reverse these charges and my manager will not reverse these charges", continued to state that I spent more money then I had and told me that he was the highest level person in the building. I told him that I would call the President of First Merit and ended my call with him. I immediately called back to file a voice ticket.

As the HR Manager for a call center, I clearly understand that the "call-back" is protocol. However, when a call has escalated to the level that it did, I would think that a call back would be immediate and would not be required to wait the entire weekend. Being a long term customer of First Merit I was deeply dissappointed with the lack of concern and apparent unwillingness to work to resolve my issue. Rather than treat me like a partner and

operate from a point of cooperation to find a resolution, your CSR was more interested in convincing me there was no problem and that I should simply take responsiblity for my spending habits. I can not stress how offended I was with this experience.

This CSR's actions left me with the impression that as a customer, my voice doesn't matter. It's only the voice of First Merit and what your systems tell you that are given any credibility. Is First Merit so arrogant that they don't even need to entertain the idea that a error on their part could possibly have occured? If this is not the culture of First Merit, then shame on your CSR. If it is the culture of First Merit,then shame on you. Either way, I can no longer do business with your bank and will be closing my account.

I send this e-mail not just as a notice of complaint. But my hope is that some policy change to improve the customer experience will come from this. No one else should have to by subjected to the treatment that I received.


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