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Posted on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 10:55pm CDT by 78a713c5

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Since I began working out at LA Fitness over a week ago, I have been appalled by the lack of professionalism at the Michigan Rd & Conway Rd location.

It is a pity, because the facility itself is wonderful and fully equipped. Yet the staff are rude and lack professionalism.

Several times over many days LA Fitness staff at the Michigan and Conway Rd location have been dribbling a basketball through the workout area (both the carpeted floor with the weight machines and on the concrete floor in the free weight area - annoying and aggravating gym members).

Nevertheless the young men carry on happily as if the health club were for their personal enjoyment and continually disregard the guests.

Tonight when working out in the evening four LA Fitness staff (three black men and one tall white guy with a gotee) were working out and playing around in the free weight area and loudly dribbling their basketball.

Instead of racking weights and making themselves useful as is the norm at most health clubs, LA Fitness staff at Conway and Michigan linger around to chat with the girls, play among themselves and have fun.

Another example of behavior greatly lacking professionalism is as the time approached 10pm on Saturday, the white guy got on the microphone with a rough voice and said, "The gym's closed in 10 minutes." As soon as it was 10pm, another black employee got on the microphone and said, "Leave! Get out!"

A third sign of disrespect and behavior lacking professionalism is the manner in which the cleaning staff tidy up the bathrooms and mop the floors.

The cleaning guy (who appears to be Indian or Pakistani, around 50 years old or so) smells heavily with tobacco smoke - so much so I wonder if he even washes his clothes.

Even worse the floors get mopped well before closing time and are slick with no warning signs for members walking through to use the bathrooms. To the gym's credit the floors and bathrooms are cleaned seemingly well, but a bit slippery to walk upon without warning of them being wet.

Another complaint at LA Fitness is (unlike other health clubs) guests rarely bring towels and after using the equipment rarely bother bother to ever wipe them down with a paper towel afterward. This unsanitary manner makes the health club a breeding ground for infection and disease.

On May the 6th, one employee walking around on the gym floor (between 9pm to 10pm) lacked knowledge about the equipment and its whereabouts when two ladies needed help finding a missing hook to use the chest and shoulder machine.

Since many of the staff lack class and professionalism, so too have I experienced the same with a few of the members at the LA Fitness on Michigan & Curry Ford.

One evening a black gentleman talked on his mobile phone while using a cardio machine. He chatted on his phone loudly for a half an hour while other members painfully exercised around him and endured his disrespectful, self-centered behavior.

Tonight another guy (black) working out at the gym had his mobile phone playing music, although the LA Fitness music was already playing on the loud speaker.

I know by now those reading will think this guy is racist because I mentioned the ethnicity of the fellows acting disrespectfully. Not true. I voted for President Obama and befriend many black people in America, Africa, Haiti and elsewhere in the world where I have lived and traveled. I also have black friends in the United States.

In fact I have traveled to many war-torn nations throughout Africa on five separate trips, the first of which I slept in a tent for two of the three months I was there in the "bush" villages where there was no electricity and sometimes I was the first white man ever to be seen there.

So the argument that "He is racist doesn't fly." The fact is LA Fitness employees at Michigan and Conway need to be instructed in social grace, manners and professionalism.

As for the Pakistani or Indian looking gentleman responsible for cleaning, he seems polite and professional. He just smells a bit smokey to be working in a health club, but hey, pray for him maybe he will grasp the importance of good health as a result of working there. Nevertheless walking by him is pretty toxic to smell and breathe in the third-hand smoke on his body.

Oh yeah, I've been to India 5 times (lived there nearly a year) and have been to Pakistan twice the racist argument doesn't work.

I only mentioned the ethnicity of the employees to help LA corporate management identify those needing some further training.

The LA Fitness female staff are kind and respectful, although many look spaced out mentally in their own world behind the front desk when I enter the health club. They don't greet guests happily with a smile upon arrival and half-heartedly do so when guests take the initiative to greet them.

Certainly this is not the norm for all LA Fitness clubs. The LA Fitness staff at other locations such as Colonial Drive (Orlando) are more proactive and professional.

The LA Fitness at Conway & Michigan for example on May 6th during the evening had used paper towels laying on the carpeted gym floor, which no employees who repeatedly walked by them ever bothered to pick up.

Again another sign the staff at LA Fitness at Conway & Michigan see the gym as their personal playground for their use and pleasure, rather than a place to professionally conduct business with integrity and represent a reputable company.

So to summarize, LA Fitnes at Conway & Michigan have:

1. Staff who are not friendly, not courteous and not professional.

2. Staff who are rude and disinterested in cleaning their own facility.

3. Staff who lack knowledge about their own gym equipment.

Hopefully LA Fitness corporate management and the Central Florida district manager can attend to these matters speedily to sustain the integrity of the company.

I like the LA Fitness facility, but the staff is definitely in need of professionalism and proper training in social etiquette and manners.

Probably the most professional of the staff at LA Fitness are the sales reps who work during the day, although about six months ago a heavy set latina sales rep was a bit rude when I discussed pricing with her compared to other health clubs in town.

Again the facility at LA Fitness on Conway & Michigan is relatively good. It's just the staff that one should be forewarned of and the annoyances mentioned above in my complaint.

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86b635ca, 2011-01-04, 08:45PM CST

I totally agree, the staff at this location need some training including the manager. They're always talking on the cell phone or texting. That's why I usually go to E Colonial or Alafaya.

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