Alaska Airlines - Does not consider children's needs

Posted on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 10:32am CDT by 438dd5a5

Company: Alaska Airlines

Location: SEATTLE, WA, US

Category: Airlines

I have 9 yr old twin boys; including a special needs child. There wasn't a problem on the way to LA. On the fully booked return flight from LA to Seattle, the pilot didn't turn off the seatbelt sign until half the flight was over. I tried to take my boys to the coach washroom to the back of the plane and was severly reprimanded by an unsympathtic hostess and told to return to our seats immediately (which were directly behind the tiny first class section in front of the plane - they have their own designated washroom). We were not allowed to use the first class washrooms, when other adult coach passengers were allowed to use it (including two Alaska Airline pilots who were hitching a ride and seated directly across from me in the coach section.) When the seatbelt sign was finally turned off, the drink cart made its slow trip completely blocking any access to the aisle, so we still couldn't get to the washroom. The hostesses decided to repeat the cart service, despite the fact that the flight was beginning its descent. Once the second cart run was completed, people began to line up desperate for the washroom; the entire aisle was again blocked. We couldn't even join the lineup. Then they were told to sit down again as the seatbelt sign was turned on again (although first class passengers were still able to use their washroom with the seatbelt sign turned on). My two boys were very uncomfortable. Again I was denied access to the first class washroom when I asked. Alaska Airlines needs to allow everyone to use all available washrooms despite first or coach seats and reduce the cart service to one time on shorter flights. When I logged a complaint to Alaska Airlines Customer Service, the response was that next time I should book seats at the rear of the plane where the washrooms are if travelling with children, and that coach passengers are not entitled to first class washroom facilities. Nice.


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