Citizens Financial Group Inc. - Citizens Bank Ordeal

Posted on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 2:28pm CDT by 0c10c9ec

Company: Citizens Financial Group Inc.

Location: One Citizens Plaza


Category: Business, Finances

I have been battling with Citizens Bank for a considerable amount of time involving a fraudulent debit card transaction that was done online on April 16, 2010. I made the mistake of purchasing an Operating System from a website that I believed at the time of the purchase, was legitimate. The amount of the purchase was for $129.99.

After I witnessed the merchants unscrupulous methods of providing me the software (via an unsafe download with no CD copy of the software), I decided to immediately cancel the order. However, the merchant is based in Asia and their methods of communication were limited. I utilized their online correspondence method and I sent them the note to immediately cancel the order. However, they delayed the inevitable and never refunded my money. Instead, they played as if they provided me with my product and took my money. Their website is:

I took the matter up with PayPal at first due to the fact that the transaction was initiated through PayPal. I trusted PayPal to be a safe online mediator of electronic transactions conducted online. However, to my dismay, PayPal did nothing. Instead, PayPal advocated for the merchant and said that the merchant was also a customer of theirs.

Apparently, PayPal also mentioned that since the purchase was for a said download, that they would not protect me and get me my money back. PayPal attempted to justify that they do not cover non-tangible goods, such as downloads. However, I explained to PayPal, that I simply wish to cancel the transaction and I took nothing from the merchant, nor did I receive anything from the merchant.

PayPal still chose to do nothing and I go absolutely nowhere with them. So, I decided to contact my bank since the purchase was made with my debit card linked to my checking account. My current bank is Citizens Bank and I provided them with full details of the situation. I requested that they act on my behalf to get me my money back, but they put me through a horrible ordeal.

To make a long story short, Citizens Bank had me go through lengthy and drawn-out measures, only for them to mistreat me in the long run. They had me fill out an affidavit that did nothing to get me my money back. Citizens Bank trifled with the transaction, caused me much pain and suffering, and still to date, I do not have my money back in my account. I spoke with numerous representatives on all different levels of the bank's hierarchy, yet they all advocated doing what has been in the best interest of Citizens Bank.

The matter has even gotten so bad that I could not even resolve it on a branch level. I attempted to do so at my local branch where I opened the account, but the Branch Manager only made matters worse. Eventually, the Branch Manager did not want to do her job to assist me any longer, so she contacted the local police to make it seem as though I was harassing her and behaving in a hostile and criminal fashion. And, the local police ordered me not to go to the branch or call there anymore, even though it is the branch where I opened my account and is closest to me. All of the other branches are pretty far in distance from where I live.

Citizens Bank has since compromised my account, took my money and put a hold on my account, so I can no longer access my money. They have caused me much financial distress, while at the same time tried to ruin my reputation as a law-abiding citizen. How ironic is it that Citizens Bank would do this to me?


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