midway plumbing - honesty and integrity of company questioned

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 4:38pm CDT by 17834f9c

Product: install under sink disposal insinkerator

Company: midway plumbing

Location: 4677 118 ave ,n, clearwater, fl 33762
St Petersburg, FL, 33762, US

Category: Other

Company technician came to home to do cost estimate to install under the sink disposal unit. Before coming i discussed with office representative that there would be no fee for house call, and gave estimates from 3 other firms ranging from $185-$200 for the work and i would not pay more. The company rep seemed satisfied with this. When plumber came to home and looked at the unit the fee he asked was $240. I explained what i said to the office representative and the fee was then $200 which i accepted. When he checked the unit he could not get electrical power so he said i would need to have electrical work (the firm also has electric services). He told me he left his meters in the truck and could not check for electricity. Strange since these units are hooked up to an electrical system inorder to operate. I had a circuit tester which i gave to him to check whether current was getting to the old unit, which it was. Then he told me he did not have a 1/2 horse power unit in the truck but had 3/4 hp unit which would cost more. I said $200 was what i would pay for the unit and installation so he brought a 1/2 hp unit form the truck and installing was completed. The technician was friendly but i definately would not recommend Midway Plumbing for the reasons mentioned.


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