Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 8:22am CDT by 91a761ae

Product: DirectTV

Company: DirectTV

Location: US


Category: Other

Upon a conversation with your Customer Retention Group this morning during which I had notified them that I would be moving at the end of May to a new Condo community that does not allow the use of Satellite dishes I was told that I would have to pay a termination fee before my service would be terminated.

Upon hearing this information I inquired through the Customer Service Representative (CSR) that I was not aware of a termination fee since I did not sign a contract for service when it started. The CSR provided me with information stating that I was indeed in a contract and that the contract should have been discussed and provided when I initially ordered service through your phone number and then again when the service was installed. The contract or my being part of a contract was NOT explained to me at either time I previously stated. At the time of ordering service it was not told to me that there would be a termination fee should I chose to discontinue service through DirectTV nor was it stated to me when the service was installed. The installer that came to install my service did at no time tell me about any contract.

I specifically chose DirectTV for my TV service because I was under the understanding that there was no contract involved and since I was allowed to think this why due to the fact that the CSR at the time of ordering and again with the technician that installed my service did at no time explain to me about the contract I would be held to. Had I known about such a contract I would not have ordered service and would have explored other options for my TV service.


fa22da88, 2010-05-09, 03:27PM CDT

It's not DirectTVs fault you're stupid. I can guarantee they told you about the contract AND that you signed a paper without reading it when the tech finished the installation. Besides, everyone knows that pay-tv companies have contracts, just like standard cellphone plans and loans. Ignorance is not an excuse.

aea822a1, 2010-09-06, 02:55PM CDT

to the person that called this person stupid i would like to dissagree because i also ordered direct tv for the same reason. i have a camper on thet river that i ordered it for and knew that we wouldnt be there in the winter and the person on the phone that i spoke with that was the first thing i ask about and was told there was no contract and that i could cancel anytime but if i did so within thirty days that i would only be charged $25.00 5 months later they tell me i have a contract that was not disscussed by them or the tech. that installed it.

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