Compitition cams inc - Comp cams poor warranty

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 6:02am CDT by 73393793

Product: comp cams

Company: Compitition cams inc

Location: Comp Cams 3406 Democrat Rd Memphis, TN 38118
memphis, TN, 38118, US


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My engine builder purchased a cam shaft ,lifters. All the necessary goods to assemble my engine. The cam was so soft that as we were breaking it in the thing ground away to nothing ruining all the other new engine parts as the grindings passed through. When I called comp I got greeted by the head warranty guy who used very kindly phrases like" What are you spouting about boy?" My engine builder did the job right. He's doing it again at a reduced rate of 3100 dollars and comp cams is agreeing to nothing. VERY POOR CONSUMER RELATIONS. There are other cam companies that dont blow a ton of bucks on advertizing but rather on quality control. Thats who to go to for valve train parts


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