TATA - Spurious Himalayan Mineral Water

Posted on Monday, May 31st, 2010 at 1:06am CDT by 4315d0ba

Product: Himalayan Mineral Water

Company: TATA

Location: Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited Ballard House, Level - 1, Adi Marzban Path, Ballard Estate Mumbai 400 038
Mumbai, Ma, 400038, IN

URL: http://www.himalayanmineralwater.com/

Category: Other

I had visited Kolkata airport this afternoon (30/May/2010) to receive a family member (IT-4804) and bought airport ticket (SI.No: Q 659245) to enter the arrival lounge . While waiting for the flight to arrive I bought a bottle of Himalayan mineral water from the shop sky@ber cafe (opposite Druk counter).

After opening the bottle and having the first sip of water realized that the water is NOT MINERAL water but tasted as plain water supplied by the municipality. When I went and spoke to the person who had sold me the bottle of water he claimed that the since the bottle was sealed when he had sold it my claim does not stand good. When I insisted that he should taste it, he along with one more person from the shop took sip from the bottle they both agreed with me that the water does not taste like mineral water. There were few other customers in the shop who were having mineral water, when they heard of the incident they also said that he definitely does not taste of mineral water.

The shop assistant then called up the distributor and inquired and narrated the incident and even when I spoke to him the distributor flatly denied of any knowledge of the source of water. He did not stop at only denying knowledge of the source but verbally abused me. When I realized that there is no point in talking to the distributor I bought another bottle of mineral water so I have proof of my claim (as I had opened the first bottle).

Request you to please take note of my complaint and look forward to hearing from you to get this issue re-dressed.

The details of the unique code number printed on the bottle is provided below for your reference:

B.NO.191 T-D, Rs.25/-

03/05/10, 17:22:13

Bar Code: 6 6653800004 4


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