Nokia - Nokia e-72 Got Serious Problems After 15 Days

Posted on Monday, May 31st, 2010 at 11:08am CDT by 17ea1e72

Product: Nokia e-72

Company: Nokia

Location: istanbul, TR


Category: Other

I have purchased a Nokia e-72 cell phone on March 15th from a distributor located in istanbul/Turkey.

Within the next 15 days, cell phones screen started to get blurry, I wasn't able to punch some buttons on the touch pad, and finally, when someone called me I heard them like a baby robot due to the microphone problem!

I checked the website;

and done the steps, and even though it got fixed, same things started to happen again within a day or two!

I took the cell phone to the distributor, which I purchased it. But, they told me that they can not do anything about it (they are not responsible for the product they are selling!). Next step, I took it to the Nokia's product service, and told them that I don't want this cell phone anymore, since it got serious problems in 15 days. They told me that they have to send it to the Nokia, and Nokia is the one who is going to decide whether they are gonna fix it, or give me a new one.

I didn't give the cell phone, since I don't want them to fix the cell phone, and give it back to me. I want a new cell phone just to sell it right away! I will never use Nokia again!

I have contacted with TUKODER, which is established to protect customer rights. No luck with that one as well! Finally, I had no choice but to send it to the Nokia and currently very curious about the decision they are going to make about my 15 day broken cell phone! I wouldn't be surprised if they will fix it and send it back to me!

I have spent 6 years of my life in the US, and I know that if something like that would have happened over there, they would have given me a new cell phone right away. But, unfortunately, I am living in Turkey, and customer service of "big" corporations like Nokia is very very bad over here. They are doing anything to get over problems with a very small loss! They don't care if their customers are happy or not.

I will never ever buy any product of Nokia again, and I will never recommend it to anyone I know!


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