Beyond Inc Media - BeyondInc Media

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 at 10:36pm CDT by 15f8f74f

Product: Online Writing

Company: Beyond Inc Media

Location: Miami, FL, US

Category: Other

Our Problem with beyond inc media occurred when time lines were extended not Once, Twice but three times. We had to threaten to retract our payment for our latest project that was SEO Content for a Local Attorney here in Ft Lauderdale. Due to the project timeline for this project the SEO Content that was created by was past directly to the Attorney for Review. Our Attorney Client noticed some related content he had been reading and after running a content check found out that 95% of this content was not Paraphrased, Not Re-Worded but 100% Plagiarized from over 5 law firms here in the state of Florida.


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