Slumberland Furniture - Sales Rep promised no payments for 12 months but financed us to pay monthly

Posted on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 2:48pm CDT by fa52b78d

Product: Reclining Couch model 5428438

Company: Slumberland Furniture

Location: 1831 E Independence St.
Springfield, MO, 65804, US

Category: Other

My family recently visited the Slumberland, Springfield, MO, store to purchase a reclining couch. We knew we weren't going to make a purchase unless we could receive no interest and no payments for 12 month and made that clear to the sales professional. The sales professional, Derick Broyles, was helpful and made it clear that if our credit was approved we would qualify for no interest and no payments for 12 months. We were approved with surplus and as we signed the paperwork we again confirmed that there would be no payments for 12 months.

I should have READ the paperwork in detail rather than extend good faith.

We've now received our second bill, bills which the sales professional told us we could ignore, with an attached late fee and must pay the Wells Fargo financial institution the payment. While Wells Fargo was not able to waive the late fee since this was not a Wells Fargo error they did offer to amend the financing with agreement from the store.

I contacted the store to see about verifying or correcting the financing but was informed that Derick no longer works there. A woman named Judy was quite adamant that no interest/no payment finance options did not exist in the Slumberland store. This seemed to contradict what Wells Fargo associates told me, in that they would alter the financing with store approval.

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fa52b78d, 2010-06-05, 01:32PM CDT

Shortly after filing this the store manager of Slumberland contacted me to politely discuss the issue. He actually went out of his way to fix the problem and even added a little extra to make up for the trouble. Very nice! So complaint resolved.

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