Arrow Upholstery - Arrow Upholstery Dislikes Certain Races Of Customers

Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 3:04pm CDT by 08d6c72c

Company: Arrow Upholstery

Location: San Antonio, TX, 78258, US


Category: Other

My new bride and I went into the Arrow upholstery showroom in Stone Oak to look for ideas on drapery for our new home. I am a muslim man and so is my wife. We were dressed in traditional clothing when we entered the store..the salesman in the store seemed to be noticeably nervous as we entered. He kept looking us up and down and darting his eyes back and forth. I believe that we were polite and asked intelligent questions, but the salesman was to be very abrupt and rude when speaking to us. I know that my english is not perfect and I have a heavy accent, so I was more patient than most.

After a few minutes of talking with the gentleman, he told us that the company were very busy and any custom orders were going to take 3 months to manufacture...he also stated that we might want to look at other places that may be a bit cheaper in price. I took that as the final insult! I am a PhD educated man and earn a nice paycheck. For this young salesperson to assume that my wife and I could not afford merchandise in his store was very presumptive and rude. We immediately left the store as the salesman had a smirk across his face.

My wife was very upset by this unfortunate incident. A couple of days later I called to speak to the owner of this business establishment and complain about my interaction with one of his salespersons. Now I know why Arrow Upholstery treats Muslims the way that they do because the owner was even more rude and vulgar to me on the telephone. I tried to calmly explain the interactions that had taken place several times to him. Due to my accent I could tell that the man was not fully understanding me. I tried to shate my experiences but the owner just started cussing and said "Why don't you go back to your own country you F'ng camel jockey!" and hung up the phone.

Needless to say we will not be assigning any business dealings with Arrow Upholstery.

We are going to share our interactions with this company with our friends in the Muslim community


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