Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 2:50pm CDT by ca5eb0ac

Product: flight cancellation

Company: Ryanair

Location: PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin Ireland
Dublin, Ir, 11451, IE

URL: http://www.ryanair.com

Category: Other

At 27/05/2010 we had a flight from Treviso (Italy) to Alicante (Spain). ONLY then we arrived to Treviso airport (Italy), (from Padova to Treviso, it cost us 16 EU) we have been told that the flight from Venezia Treviso to Alicante (flight no. FR 5345) was cancelled, due to so called "French Air Traffic Control Strike 26th and 27th May", but why then flight from Treviso to PARIS was not cancelled? I took pictures and I have evidence! Why they did not write it on their website, they knew about strike, why they were quite? I am so furious on this company, Ryanair employee at airport when she was asked about refund, she told that companys policy is first customer has to pay all expense (coming to airport, hotel, etc) and then MAYBE Ryanair will make a refund! (employee told it!)

So we lost flight, we lost hotel, we lost money for coming, they dont care!!!!!


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