AAA - No Show

Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 6:04pm CDT by ab2146cc

Company: AAA

Location: 1415 Kellum Place
Garden City, Ne, 11530, US


Category: Other

This afternoon at approximatley 4:00, my husband was broken down with his truck on Sunrise Hwy. in Patchogue, NY. This highway is extremely busy and hazardous especially during comuter hours. He called AAA and told them the problem and they said some would call him back within 1/2 hour and gave him a reference #. Nobody called. An hour later my husband called with the ref# and the guy said his truck was "broken" and he couldn't come. Long story short, nobody came. At 6:20, he had to call a tow truck (AAA affiliated) and he came within 20 minutes and got him and the truck home. I have used AAA 3 times including today. The last time I called them, I was stuck with a flat tire in a State Office parking lot. I called at 5:00 and nobody called or came. He claimed he "got lost". The town he was coming from was one town away. EVERYBODY knows the State Office Building and the highway it is off of. Needless to day, it was dark by this time and I had to ask a stranger to help me fix my flat and pray he wasn't a serial killer. I am so angry right now I want to tell the WORLD not to belong to AAA, especially if you have a daughter who may have to count on them. Not only that, but the people are downright RUDE! When I called them to have them PLEASE send someone as I was frightened, they had me on hold for 15 minutes and my cell was using minutes plus it was losing its charge. I will send the bill to AAA and I bet they don't even reimburse me.


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