Huntington National Bank - Huntington Bank - Bad Business Practices

Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 4:53pm CDT by 4d105e34

Product: Banking

Company: Huntington National Bank

Location: Columbus, OH, US


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I must start by saying that I did not choose Huntington as my bank. I opened an account when I was 18 (17 years ago) with a small local bank who was then acquired by Sky Bank and then a few years ago Sky was acquired by Huntington. I was told by several people to close my account but I didn't listen, I thought I would give them a shot, after all I just used it for general banking purposes (savings and checking). I noticed a few differences in the way they posted things to the account and certain terms that had to be met in order to avoid fees. These differences were minimal however so I kept it open. In all fairness from the time Huntington took over Sky I have not had any problems, until now.

In December of 2009 my fiancee and I decided to combine our bank accounts at a different bank. I still had my direct deposit going into Huntington and I still had my car payment set up to some out each month. So after my paycheck went in, and my car payment came out I would transfer the rest to our new bank. I never wrote checks from the account and never used my debit card. Well on a Wednesday (yes this is important) for some dumb reason I used my debit card to purchase $15 worth of gas. On Friday, just as I did every Friday, I went on-line and made sure my paycheck had been deposited - it was - made sure my car payment was taken out - it was - and then proceeded to transfer over $1000 to my other bank. The following Wednesday I got a phone call from the bank telling me I was overdrawn and with the fee's I needed to come in and pay them $90. I was floored, I couldn't believe it, there must have been a mistake. There was, and I am willing to admit it was mine.

When I purchased gas on Wednesday it had not yet posted to the account. So on Friday when I looked on line I thought I was clear. Later in the day on Friday the gas posted. I had no issues paying the $15.00, nor did I have an issue paying the $35.00 overdraft fee. All I wanted was for them to give me a one time courtesy for the the $7/day fee that had accumulated over the last 5 days. The teller told me she couldn't do that, her manager told me to go to the person who opened my account (hello, that was 17 years ago at a bank that no longer exists), and finally I just paid the $75 and called customer service. I told her I was more than willing to pay the $50.00 that was clearly a result of an oversight on my part. She spoke to me like I was idiot. I pointed out to here that my account had never been in the negative before, and why in the hell would I transfer over $1000 and try to skip out on a $15.00 bill??? Seriously, if I knew the $15 was going to post that day why would I have transfered the money???? After an hour on the phone with a woman who berated and belittled me I finally had the $35.00 credited back to my account. However, she would not allow me to close the account and give me a credit, it was one or the other. I opted to take the credit ONLY because I wanted to make sure that my next pay check would go into my new bank (I had submitted the paperwork at my job and just wanted to err on the side of caution). This all took place on March 10th. My paychecks started going to my new bank, I had a zero balance at Huntington, and I figured I would wait until I moved in July to close the account so I wouldn't be charged back the $35 credit.

So all is quiet until today, when I got a notice that my account was overdrawn by $50, which when the $7/day fees were added up to today it was $92. So I logged on to my account because this time I was certain that I was right, I cut up my card, shredded my checks, no way it was an oversight on my end. Well, when I logged on there was a $15 monthly check fee, a $35.00 overdraft fee, and several days at $7/day. I called customer service because I had never been charged a monthly checking fee before. After a lot of questioning and three people later I was told that since I was no longer doing direct deposit I was being charged a monthly fee to have the account. Although I was not charged this in April and I stopped direct deposit in March. I was very ignorantly told that this was all expalined to me in when I opened the checking account. Yes, the one I opened 17 years ago, um, okay. So technically it is my fault, but I dare anyone to tell me that they remember what the terms of their account from 17 years and 3 banks ago was.... I was told there were three ways to handle it. One, go into the bank and pay $92 to close it out, Two, pay $104 over the phone (extra charge), or pay $63 over the phone to keep the account open as a courtesy. Well, the lady on the phone has just a little more energy in her than I did today because I went into the bank, paid $92, and closed it out. When the bank manager asked me why I just looked at her and said "because I want to close it". I could tell she knew better than to press me for more info at that point.

I have never been treated so poorly in my life by any customer service department than that of Huntington National Bank. I will never bank with them again and would never recommend anyone do their banking with them.


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b03584f5, 2011-01-24, 01:53PM CST

I totally agree!, they pulled that same scam on me last month, and today they refuse to cash a check that is drawn from another huntington bank victim! simply because it's wrote out to cash, my bad - i thought cash was cash.?????what a joke!

574323dd, 2011-04-12, 08:52AM CDT

This is the worse bank in the world to deal with they are theive don't bank with them. They are snakes just a warning for whats to come.

6bbbdf61, 2011-11-05, 01:52AM CDT

Huntington did this to me as well. they have been charging me rediculous fee for no reasons and I am now thinking of finally closing my account. I signed up with them with a $100 bonus offer, they never gave me that $100. On top of that, they have charged me overdraft fees when I actually opted out of that service. I found out later, that one of their customer care representatives never opted me out of that service that I had requested to opt out earlier. Long story short, Huntington sucks! They are nothing more than thieves, and their customer care representatives are extremely rude to the customers.

491ebe98, 2012-02-07, 01:16PM CST

I also had the same problem with them, several times. I decided to stay with Huntington becuase after my debit card got stolen they fixed and refunded me everything. I felt kind of obligated to stay. I had a charge come out that I wasnt expecting and went negative, they told me as long as i put money in by 5PM that it would be reversed. Well, that never happened and I got charged the overdraft fee and then 3 days of overdraft charges. They applied the money deposited to the fees, and still charged me for my negative balance. I then tried to close the acount and they told me they will not close it until i pay it off. It was the worse banking experiance ever. I will never deal with huntington again. The bad thing was i got this account when i was 16, i had the same account for 12 years until they screwed me over. They just didint care

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