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Oh my God when I heard this I and my wife did, we freaked how cruel that people can really be out there and treat other breeders for no apparent reasons other than her own mistake that are obviously the DEVIL. This person Rushell Profenno was buying a golden from a breeder in NC, and she was taking 9 mos and only made 2 payments on the dog. She wanted the breeder to send the dog with a $1700.00 balance, the breeder told her don't think so it does not work that way. Rushell Profenno's husband works in the jail, she went to the police Dept in Maine, she filed a complaint on the seller just because she refused to pay the $1700.00.00 when she demanded her down payment and deposit back from the seller in one day (while the seller was at the hospital with complicating life threatening situations), when it took herself 9 mos to make 2 payments on the dog she than went on every dog/puppy website and breeder website and slandered this seller from NC really bad with her breeder friend named Debbie Kern all over the US and Serbia. They more or less reamed this lady a new asshole you might as well say. I am a seller of goldens too, and if somebody did that to me, I would tell them choice words, and do something to them that would end my ass up in jail. This breeder in NC took this all so well herself. Rushell Profenno filed a case against this breeder in NC with having 4 counts of the breeder to win the case costing about $600.00 for each trip to Maine. This breeder is NOT guilty and is the sweetest couple in breeding that you will ever know or meet in your lifetime. Rushell Profenno withheld all emails from the police to make the breeder in NC look in fact guilty when she was not. If you know who these people are in NC feel free to email them yourselves as they have all the court documents to prove their case as being FULLY innocent. Rushell is evil and the devil AND F***KED HER OWN FRIEND is all there is to say about her and her Snowy Paws breeding program which she is in fact a puppy mill. Look what she is breeding for clearances and Gold Rush dogs that have hip dysplasia and cancer in the lines. Rushell was that breeder's friend in NC for 2 years and in fact has 2 of their dogs which she never finished paying for them than she f**cked her over. Rushell was not entitled to her deposit back, taking the matter to the police trying to make a felony case out of it with her deposit. Please check all breeders advertisements and deposits and tell me how many people refund them, I SURELY DON'T. She whined and cried and got all her money back after putting that breeder through the ringer in NC, AND F**cked her royally. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PUPPY MILL BREEDER TO SUPPORT HER MILL AND HER EVIL WAYS OF F***KING SOMEBODY OVER LIKE THAT FOR NO REASON.


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08b08c08, 2010-06-02, 01:27PM CDT

This post was written by Lea Winkler. She has gone by the kennel names of Hickory Goldens, Desert Sun Golden Retrievers, and now (quite similar to my own) Frostypaw Golden Retrievers. I am not going to entertain the insults in this ridiculous post. I can only hope that an intelligent person will be able to read between the lines. Lea pled guilty to theft in this matter. Case closed. Rushell

d559893e, 2011-09-23, 09:49AM CDT

I am absolutley shocked at the lack of professionalism and disgusting language in this complaint. I love SnowyPaw-keep breeding your beautiful dogs!!

871bae03, 2012-04-18, 08:46PM CDT

TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS: she only plead guilty so she would not have to fly back and forth to your dumb ass ugly state for some stupid ridiculous thing that you did to her as well as other breeders know what you did to her too. You are Guilty of taking over 9 mos to pay them and then demanded your money back in one day after they held the dog for you for 9 months. You knew Leah was in the hospital for 3 months, and their house caught fire. They asked you nicely if they can pay you your money back as they got puppy deposits as exactly how you paid them taking 9 months for they would have had you paid off in less than 3 weeks but NO you went to every breeder on every website even the breed the dog originally came from and bashed Leah and told everybody DO NOT STUD TO LEAH'S DOGS. Well, duh FUCKTARD, how is she to pay you back with getting deposit money from puppies if you bashed her ass all over the world? You are the most dumbest stupidest FUCKTARD there ever is on the planet. Court told Leah she would win that case 100% if she came back and forth numerous times because you CANNOT add the deposit monies in on the sale of the dog WHICH YOU DID making charges to be able to go over on her retard. Well,do you think she gives a FUCK because she is permanently disabled? You should have paid her expenses and her medical care to of got there and she would have fought against it being she was in the right all along as 99% other breeders ALL have NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSITS too. You only did what you did because your gay ass husband works in the juvenile detention thinking oh I can get her busted because my husband works at the jail. After the Winkler's doing you GOOD with what they were doing than you FUCKED them over, you should of had your ass beaten too to look like your ugly face, you are NOTHING BUT A LOW LIFE LOSER SCAM ARTIST and sending pictures of Leah at their AZ home stirring up shit with Debbie Kern you ought been fucked up in your ugly face or....

871bae03, 2012-04-18, 10:07PM CDT

What is funny is Smowy Paw dogs that they have came from Leah. I bet you love Snowy Paw dogs now.

871bae03, 2012-04-19, 10:02AM CDT

That is funny, snowy paw dogs are from Leah and Harold, do you still like them now?

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