Archos - Archos 7 IMT does not have advertized functionality

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 11:50pm CDT by 8f27e559

Product: Archos 7 320GB Internet Media Tablet

Company: Archos

Location: 7951 E. Maplewood Avenue #260
Greenwood Village, CO, 80111, US


Category: Other

In August 2009 I purchased an ARCHOS 7 320GB Internet Media Tablet, an electronic device advertized as having the capability to view media content on the internet. The following statement is taken from their current website description of the device: "Browsing becomes almost seamless with the ARM? Cortex? processor and the Adobe Flash? 9 video support." The problem is that the device does NOT HAVE ADOBE FLASH 9 VIDEO SUPPORT! One of the main reasons I purchased the device was because of this advertized capability, as the vast majority of video content on the web can only be accessed using Adobe Flash support. I have called ARCHOS customer support on several occasions, being told as recently as March of this year that the support would be available for the device in April. Finding no update available in April, I called again this month to inquire about the progress and to get an updated forecast as to when the Adobe Flash support would become available. I was told by the customer service rep that I should not expect support to EVER become available for the device. When I complained that the main reason I purchased the device was for accessing video content on the internet requiring Adobe Flash (THAT THE DEVICE WAS ADVERTIZED TO HAVE), and that because it did not (and after waiting 8 months, apparently never WILL) have this support, I would like to return the device for a full refund, I was told that a refund is not possible, but that the best the company could do is provide a 25% discount on an "upgrade" product. I don't trust the company to deliver on any advertized capability at this point, so I'm not interested in any "upgraded" product.


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