AT&T - Charged full month for 2 days of service

Posted on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 at 6:41pm CDT by 7afe2d54

Product: DSL

Company: AT&T

Location: PO Box 90245
Arlington, TX, 76004, US


Category: Other

I received a collection notice for unpaid balance on my cancelled account. Having never received a billing notification for said balance, I checked online and saw that I was charged $33.66 for DSL service from 4/18-5/17, when I actually had the service only until 4/20.

This is because I upgraded from ATT DSL to ATT Uverse Highspeed internet, in response to a sales call made to me on 4/16. During that sales call I asked repeatedly whether there would be any additional charges to make the change and was assured that there would be none.

AT NO TIME was I informed that ATT DSL would bill me for an entire month of service when only two days of service were rendered.

It adds insult to injury that this appalling practice came to light because of a collection notice that accused me of "ignoring previous attempts to collect the outstanding balance," when no bill was ever sent, either by US Mail or by email billing notification.

Furthermore, my attempts to dispute this charge online were rendered impossible becuase the link to dispute charges as described in the online help did not exist. Neither did an actual email address where I could address my concerns in a manner timely enough to avoid their sending my disputed charge to an outside collection agency and reporting my alleged negligence to credit bureaus.


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