Sears Auto Center - Sears Auto Center - Charlottesville, VA BEWARE!!!

Posted on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 at 2:19pm CDT by 2df3ce80

Product: flat repair

Company: Sears Auto Center

Location: 1531 E Rio Road
Charlottesville, VA, 22901, US

Category: Other

Took my car to Sears with a nail in my tire since I was already going there to buy a refrigerator. Before they accepted the job I told them that the car had a new set of wheels on it and asked them if they could do the repair without scratching them. After they finished, I drove my car out of the shop and pulled over to inspect the wheel and found they had scratched it in two places. I immediately went back to the service desk and told the manager they had scratched my wheels. The manager on duty took a quick look and told me there was nothing they could do and a manager would call me on Monday morning. I called twice Monday morning and received no response so I decided to drive down there. The manager came out and seemed pretty angry about the whole thing. Funny, I thought I was supposed to be the angry one here. She barely said anything and had the assistant manager do most of the talking. Upon looking at the wheels and waiting for the manager to smoke a cigarette behind the shop, they took pictures of the wheel, had me give a written statement and told me the insurance claims person would contact me.

The insurance claims person from who knows where called the other day investigating the incident. It felt more like an interrogation. It was pretty obvious who he was working for and who's side he was on. It seemed like he was going on information given from employees who weren't even working that evening. I was told they denied any wrongdoing and found dirt covering the scratches. I'm sure they did, it had been almost two days since the incident and it was raining the day they finally took a look at the damage. I was told to get two estimates and fax them to this guy, which I did the next day.

After buying a $1500 refrigerator, this is how I am rewarded? So much for the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" banner above the service desk. So, after one week, there has been no resolution. Consider this a warning. If you like your car, do yourself a favor and take it to an honest shop with skilled mechanics and not Sears Auto Center.


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